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5 High Street, Cottenham

5 High Street, Wheatsheaf, Cottenham

History of 5 High Street


John Savidge, 35, farmer

Ann, 70

Mary, 35

James, 10

Mary, 7

Susan, 4

Harriett, 1

Catherine Nunn, 15, servant

[next door]

John Benton, 45, farmer

Mary, 30

Thomas, 20

James, 5

1850 first licensed about 1850. Supplied by Cottenham Brewery.


David Cundell, 29, publican and machine man, b Longstanton

Elizabeth, 30, b Cottenham

John, 9, b Cottenham

Eliza, 7, b Cottenham

William, 4, b Cottenham

David, 2, b Cottenham

Elizabeth, 4 mos, b Cottenham


William Furbank took the house followed by his son in law James Gifford


William Jackson, 30, ag.lab., b Hauxton

Sarah, 29, b Wilburton

Sarah Ann, 7, b Cottenham

Arthur, 5, b Cottenham

George, 3, b Cottenham


1 house uninhabited


William Gautrey, 59, shephard, b Cottenham

Elizabeth, 40, b Histon

Tom, 16, ag . lab., b Cottenham

Mariah Clark, daughter in law, 13, b Histon

Abel Gautrey, 12, ag.lab., b Cottenham

James, 5, b Cottenham

Mary Jane, 3, b Cottenham

John, 1, b Cottenham


Public House:

William Furbank, 66, publican and gardener, b Cottenham

Phebe, 60, b Cottenham

Isabela, 19, b Haddenham

David Watts, lodger, 41, ag.lab., b Cottenham

James Randle, lodger, 45, ag.lab., b Meldreth

Thomas Randle, son, 15, ag.lab., b Meldreth


William Jackson, 47, ag.lab., b Hauxton

Sarah, 40, b Rampton

George, 13, b Cottenham

Elizabeth, 2, b Cottenham

Jane, 2 weeks, b Cottenham


William Ward, 43, ag.lab., b Cottenham

Emma, 37, b Long Stanton

Herbert, 12, b Cottenham

Arthur W, 8, b Cottenham

Annie Elizabeth, 6, b Cottenham


James Gifford, 37, coachman, b Cottenham

Isabella, 31, b Haddenham

Fred, 6, b Cottenham

Selia, 5, b Cottenham

Harriet, 1, b Cottenham

Phoebe Furbank, mother in law, 70, b Cottenham

Caroline Furbank, visitor, 13, b Haddenham

1881 Wheat Sheaf

James Gifford, 50, publican and ag.lab., b Cottenham

Isabella, 41, b Haddenham

Fred, 16, 16, ag.lab., b Cottenham

Harriet, 11, b Cottenham

Rose, 8, b Cottenham

Agnes, 6, b Cottenham

Caroline, 4, b Cottenham

infant boy, 2 weeks, b Cottenham

1891 Wheat Sheaf

James Gifford, 60, ag.lab. and publican



Firbank, 10, b Cottenham


James Gifford, ag.lab.



Furbank, ag.lab.

1910 James Gifford died and current house built by Lacons. Isabella Gifford remained in house until Feb. 1911.

Wheatsheaf public house, High Street Cottenham (photo E Smith)

1911 unnumbered

William John Braund, 41, army pensioner publican, b Devon

Elizabeth, 39, b Devon

Ernest William,9, b London

Clarice Emily, 7, b London

Edward George, 5, b London

Alice Eugenie, 2, b London

Braund was an ex-Sergeant Major of the Horse Guards. He was called back for active service at the outbreak of war in 1914.


Josiah Furbank was licensee until 1928


Samuel Ward became licensee until 1933




Raymond Ward, b 1901, innkeeper pig and poultry farmer

Gladys, b 1906



Barbara Page, b 1933



After Raymond’s death, widow Gladys takes over licence.


Gladys Ward dies. William Musson followed by John Boulter were the last licensees before the pub closed in 1964.


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