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Cottages, Church Lane, Longstanton 1929 (Photo L Cobbett) (Cambridgeshire Collection)

Church Lane / Church Street / St Michael’s Lane, Longstanton

History of Chuch Lane

Church Lane, Longstanton OS1886

1881 Church Lane

William Stanley, 44, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


John Doggett, 28, ag.labourer, b Long Stanton


William Ship, 73, shepherd and church clerk, b Long Stanton


Simon Crisp, 25, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Elizabeth Shipp, 63, b Long Stanton


William Rignell, 62, ag. lab., b Long Stanton


Josiah Chapman, 37, carpenter, b Coton


Benjamin Wallman, 67, b Long Stanton


Thomas Doggett, 66, ag.lab., b Oakington


John Stanley, 64, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


2 buildings uninhabited


John Peck, 49, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


William Stanley, 77, ag.lab., b Chesterton


Crisp Rogers, 49,  ag.lab., b Long Stanton


William Rignell, 68, ag,lab., b Long Stanton


Bernard Acres, 42, foreman on farm, b Herts


Alfred Rogers, 30, ag.lab., b Long Stanton All Saints


Francis Rust, 91, living on own means, b Long Stanton St Michael


William Stukins, 43, horsekeeper on farm, b Long Stanton St Michael


Alfred Crisp, 50, railway platelayer, b Long Stanton St Michael


Frederick J Parr, 36, stockman on farm, b Swaffham


William Collis, 45, ag.lab., b Long Stanton All Saints


William Layton, 37, yardman flock, b Wicken


Thomas Doggett, 86, ag.lab., b Oakington


Alfred Shipp,  59, ag.lab., b Long Stanton St Michael


Inholm Farm

John Rymer, 36, stockman on farm


Oliver Pink, 29, horsekeeper on farm, b Long Stanton All Saints

Elizabeth, 25, b Swavesey

Mary Eliza Pink, 4 mos, b Swavesey

1911 Church Lane

Alfred Pink, 30, groom and gardener, b Longstanton

Harriet Pink, 63, mother, b Over

Bertha Pink, 14, sister, b Longstanton

St Michael’s cottages in Church Lane had been built in 1759. They were demolished in 1935.



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