Capturing Cambridge
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Hatton House, Long Stanton

History of Hatton House


Anthony Phypers, 27, farmer 450 acres employing 15 men 9 boys, b Long Stanton



Anthony Phypers, 35, farmer of 680 acres, b Longstanton



William Hard, 51, farmer, b Downham

Ann, 48, b Downham

Clara, 19, b Downham

Seline, 18, b Downham

Eva, 17, school teacher, b Downham

William, 15, b Downham

Hilda, 13, b Downham

Alexander, 12, b Long Stanton

Theodore, 9, b Long Stanton

Winifred, 8, b Long Stanton

Margaret, 6, b Long Stanton

Claude R, 4, b Long Stanton


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