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1 & 2 Station Road Swavesey

1 – 3 Station Road, (Cricketers), High Street, Swavesey

History of 1 - 3 Station Road

Before the 1913 fire there were several households here whose properties seem to have ben destroyed.

1871:High Street

John Mortlock, 78, retired farmer, b Swavesey

Mary, 67, b Swavesey

Phebe, 41, b Swavesey

John Henry William, grandson, 8, b Aldershot


James Trundley, 76, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Elizabeth, 70, b Swavesey


John Dodson, 42, widower, harness maker and farmer, b Swavesey

James, 16, b Swavesey, b Swavesey

Walter, b Swavesey, b Swavesey

William, 14, apprentice harness maker, b Swavesey

Rebekah Cooper, 60, housekeeper, b Willingham


James Mitham, 43, carpenter and joiner, b Swavesey

Ann, 44, b Chatteris

William, 14, national school pupil teacher, b Swavesey

Frederick R, 11, b Swavesey

Sarah A, 9, b Swavesey


George Trundley, 75, pauper, b Swavesey

John Dawbarn, grandson, 20, grocers porter, b Swavesey


Mary Mortlock, 76, formerly baker, b Swavesey


Mary A Mitchell, 69, living on own means, b Swavesey


Joshua Hodge, 38, police constable, b Gamlingay

Jane, 38, b Castle Camps


Alfred Prime, 27, butcher, b Swavesey

Annie, 29, b Swavesey

Wilfred Linford, son in law, 7, b Swavesey

Eliza, 2, b Swavesey

Alfred, 4m, b Swavesey

Ernest, brother, 14, ag.lab., b Swavesey

John Linford, nephew, 6,b Lolworth


Samuel Daisley, 44, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Charlotte, 38, b Swavesey

James W, 7, b Swavesey


Susanna Papworth, widow, 80, living on her own means, b Swavesey

Susannah Tall, 56, retired dressmaker, b Swavesey


Mary A Spring, widow, 66, cheese and butter dealer,

Phillip, 29, agent Prudential Assurance, b Swavesey


Elizabeth Large, 73, b Stretham

William, 31, agricultural labourer, b Swavesey


Ernest G Kitchener, 33, police constable, b Beds

Eliza, 35, b Gamlingay

Horace G, 11, b Essex

Harold, 7, b Elsworth

Ethel N, 5, b Swavesey

Frank W, 2, b Swavesey

Martha, mother, widow, 59, retired dressmaker, b Beds


Samuel Daisley, 53, agricultural labourer, b Swavesey

Charlotte, 48, b Swavesey

Frances, 26, b Swavesey

James, 17, b Swavesey


(Used a church room Church End)

Ann Daisley, 65, b Swavesey

High Street looking north, Cricketers on the left, Cannon’s shop adjacent, then Charlie Colpin’s blacksmith’s and Zach Parrish’s butcher’s. (Alan Lee Swavesey collection)

1911: unnumbered

Elizabeth Large, 80, widow, b Stretham

William, 40, farm labourer, b Swavesey


Henry Rowcliffe, 65, furniture broker, b Somerset

Susan S, 63, b Suffolk


Samuel Daisley, 67, disabled farm labourer, b Swavesey

Charlotte, 58, caretaker council school, b Swavesey

Frances Annie, 36, b Swavesey

James William, 27, farm labourer, b Swavesey


Fred Dodson, 58, widower, farm labourer, b Swavesey

2 Station Road



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