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11 - 17 Station Road Swavesey

11 – 17 Station Road, Church End, High Street, Swavesey, The Red Houses

History of the Red Houses

1871: High Street

Robert Mitham, 73, hay factor, b Swavesey

Rose, 60, b Swavesey

1880s: built by John Mitham, builder, in 1880s with red brick made in his brickyard in Cow Fen.

1881: pre building of Red Houses

Robert Mitham, 83, ladder maker, b Swavesey

Rose, 70, b Swavesey

11 – 17 Station Road Swavesey

11 – 17 Station Road, Swavesey


Robinson Mitham, 35, carpenter and rate collector, b Swavesey

Mary, 38, b Hilton

Louisa, 5

Ernest, 3

Robinson, 2

Phoebe, 1

Samuel, 1 m


Mary Mann, widow, 62, living on own means, b Conington

Alice Tebbit, mother in law, 78, b Wicken


Philip Hepher, 60, superannuated police constable, b Swavesey

Ellen, 60, b Swavesey


Charles Garner, 38, saddler,

Marianne, 34,

Ethel M, 8,

Charlotte, 8,

Samuel M, 6,

Matilda, 5,

Arthur C, 10 m,

Bertha H Coulson, 14, servant,


Robinson Mitham, 45, builder and farmer, b Swavesey

Mary Jane, 48, b Hilton

Louisa, 15, teacher, b Swavesey

Ernest J, 13, builder’s son, b Swavesey

Robinson, 12, b Swavesey

Phoebe E, 11, b Swavesey

Samuel F, 10, b Swavesey


William Kester, 27, railway signal man, b Swavesey

Ruth, 26, b Fen Drayton

Ethel A, 9m, b Swavesey


Sarah Hepher, 53, living on own means, b Hunts


Charles Garner,48, harness maker, b Swavesey

Marianne R, 44, b Swavesey

Ethel M, 19, b Swavesey

Charlotte E, 18, teacher, b Swavesey

Samuel M, 16, harness maker, b Swavesey

Matilda, 15, b Swavesey

Arthur C, 10, b Swavesey

1911: unnumbered

Robert Hubbard Williamson, 27, butcher, b Norfolk

Rose Ann, 27, b March

Elsie Vera, 2, b Swavesey

John Taylor, boarder, 13, butchers apprentice, b Derby


William Kester, 37, railway signalman, b Swavesey

Ruth, 36, b Fen Drayton

Thomas Harris, 24, boarder, railway clerk, b Essex


John Gilbey, 60, police pensioner, b Swavesey

Alice Mary, 56, b London


Charles Garner, 58, harness maker, b Swavesey

Marianne B, 54, b Swavesey

Ethel May, 28, b Swavesey

Matilda, 25, dress maker, b Swavesey

Arthur Charles, 20, harness maker, b Swavesey

In the fire of 1913 the Red Houses survived because of their brick and slate build.


A row of four red brick houses, occupied by Mr. Chas. Garner, Mr. John Gilbey, Mr. W. Fester and Mr Williamson were now directly in the path of the flames but although they were sadly damaged by heat and water they escaped destruction.

The Red Houses, Station Road, Swavesey.. Description

Church End, Swavesey.. Description



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