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27 / 29/ 31 Station Road Swavesey

19 – 29 Station Road, Church End, Swavesey

History of 19 - 29 Station Road

At the time of the 1913 fire there were several inhabited cottages and four derelict in the stretch between the The Swan and the Red Brick Houses. All these properties were destroyed.


John Williams, 52, butcher, b Swavesey

Ruth, 52, b Swavesey

Martin, 12, b Swavesey

Tom, 9, b Swavesey


Richard Williams, 74, formerly butcher, b Swavesey


Thomas Mitham, 72, ag.lab., b Swavesey


Hannah Metcalf, 44, dress maker, b Swavesey

John, 24, butcher, b Swavesey


George Trundley, 65, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Susannah, 55, b Fen Drayton

George, 26, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Charles, 19, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Watson, 17, carpenters lad, b Swavesey

John T Dawborn, grandson, 9, b Herts


James Wells, 33, coal merchant, b Swavesey

Elizabeth, 33, b Warwicks

Henry, 8, b Derbysh

Emily, 6, b Derbysh

Anderson W, 3, b Derbysh


James Marshall, 33, cheesemaker, b Swavesey

Sophia, 33, b Norfolk

Walter, 11, b Norfolk

Edwin, 4, b Swavesey


Ann Large, 74, annuitant, b Swavesey


Ann Edwards, 73, b Fen Drayton

William, 28, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Isaac, 26, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Mary, 23, domestic servant disengaged, b Swavesey


John Edwards, 40, railw lab., b Swavesey

Mary A, 40, b Barway

Frederick Ellis, son in law, 14, farm lab., b Thetford

Louisa Edwards, 8 b Swavesey


John Froment, 33, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Rebekah, 34, b Conington

Anther, son, 8, b Swavesey

Charles, 6, b Swavesey

Sarah, 4, b Swavesey


1881: predates construction of Red Houses to west

Stephen Middleton, 55, railway platelayer, b Swavesey

Ester, 55, b Fen Ditton


George Trundey, 37, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Sarah, 37, b Knapwell

Susan, 9, b Swavesey

George, 8, b Swavesey

John, 7, b Swavesey

Lizzie, 3, Ely

Allison, 9m, b Swavesey

Ada, 9m, b Swavesey


William Sutton, widower, 85, retired wheelwright, b Swavesey


William Wilderspin, 57, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Jane, 55, b Hunts

Harriett, 13, nurse maid, b Swavesey


James Wells, 43, coal merchant and fariner, b Swavesey

Elizabeth, 43, b Warwicks

Henry, 18, coal merchants son, b Derbyshire

Emily, 16, national school teacher, b Derbyshire

Agnes, 9, b Swavesey

Anderson, 6, b Swavesey

Horace, 1, b Swavesey


Charles Trundley, 29, labourer in ale brewery b Swavesey

Henrietta, 24, b Over

Susannah, 3, b Swavesey

Charles, 1,  b Swavesey


Hannah Metcalfe, 54, dressmaker, b Swavesey


John Williams, 61, cow keeper, b Swavesey


Joseph Payne, 42, cheese and butter merchant and general dealer

Susan, 66

Arthur, son, 21, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Arthur Smith, nephew, 15, hay factors labourer, b Swavesey, diseased hip from childhood

Florence Payne, niece, 5, b Swavesey


Hannah Metcalfe, widow, 64, dressmaker

Mary A, niece, 30, dressmaker, b Swavesey


Arthur Fletcher, 31, railway porter, b Stretham

Emma, 32, b Cambridge

Mary E, 8, b Cambridge

Ellen L, 7, b Cambridge

Emily J, 5, b Swavesey

Alfred, 3, b Swavesey

Alice, 1, b Swavesey


James Taylor, 52, bricklayers labourer, b Hertford

Mary A, 53, b Swavesey

James T, 27, ag.lab. army reserve, b Bedford

Charlie, 10, b Swavesey


James Wells, 53, coal merchant, b Swavesey

Elizabeth, 53, b Warwicks

Agnes, 19,

Anderson, 16, elementary school teacher,

Horace, 11,

Jessie, 8,

Harry, 5, grandson, b Cottenahm


John Fromant, 53, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Rebecca, 54

Walter, 17, ag.lab., b Swavesey

William, 12, ag.lab., b Swavesey


John Webb, 77, retired platelayer, b Northants

Mary M, 50, b Chesterton


William Eason, 59, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Rebecca, 54, b Cambridge

Edward William, 17, b Swavesey


Stephen Middleton, 66, platelayer, b Swavesey

Esther, 66, b Longstanton


Benjamin Carter, 49, ag.lab., b Lolworth

Susan, 45, b Boxworth

Clara, 22, b Lolworth

Stephen B, 12, ag.lab.,

Ada, 10, b Swavesey

Henry, 8, b Swavesey

Amy, 5, b Swavesey

William, 1, grandson, b Swavesey


1901: Church End


Joseph Payne, 52, cream cheese merchant, b Swavesey

Susan, mother, 75, widow, b Swavesey


Hannah Metcalfe, 74, dressmaker, b Swavesey


William Eason, 69, agricultural labourer, b Swavesey

Rebecca, 64, b Knapwell


James Taylor, 63, bricklayer’s labourer, b Herts

Mary Ann, 63, b Swavesey

Charlie, 20, bricklayer, b Swavesey


James Wells, 63, coal merchant and farmer


Horace F, 21, b Swavesey

Jessie E, 18, dressmaker

Harry H, 15, b Cottenham


John Fromant, 64, formerly agricultural labourer, b Swavesey

Rebecca, 65, b Conington


Mary Aulden, 83, formerly monthly nurse, b Lolworth




Mary Ding, 81, b Over

Ann Fetherwood, 54, daughter, housekeeper, b Swavesey

Arthur Fromant, grandson, 17, cattleman on farm, b Swavesey

Albert Ding, grandson, 16, grocers assistant, b Oakington


Amelia Harden 58, b Swavesey

Emma J, 25, b Swavesey

Thomas, 23, agricultural labourer, b Swavesey

Mary A, 18, b Swavesey

William, 16, haycutter, b Swavesey

1911: Church End

Moses Marriott, 77, formerly farm labourer, b Over

Elizabeth, 71, b Swavesey


Dan Watson, 35, bricklayer, b Herts

Annie, 35, b Swavesey


James Wells, 73, coal merchant, b Swavesey

Elizabeth, 73, b Warwicks

Agnes Annie, 38, b Swavesey

Jessie Elizabeth, 28, school teacher, b Swavesey


Rebecca Eason, 71, widow, b Knapwell

Tom Mackness Young, 55, brother, farm labourer, b Knapwell


Hannah Ding, 51, widow, b Sutton


Joseph Payne, 62, farm labourer,  b Swavesey

Peter Ding, 18, bakers assistant, b Swavesey

Walter Ding, 20, farm labourer, b Swavesey


Amelia Harden, 65, widow, b Swavesey

Emma Jane, 36, b Swavesey

Thomas, 32, farm labourer, b Swavesey

Mary Ann, 28, b Swavesey

William, 26, farm labourer, b Swavesey

Church End; all white cottages destroyed in 1913 fire; on right, Chequeurs (Alan Lee Swavesey collection)


A less painful spectacle was the burning of the next group of houses. These were four old cottages which had been condemned, and were standing empty- and needless to say they offered no practically resistance to the flames, and were entirely wiped out. The next six cottages, all thatched and rather ancient, were occupied by Mrs. Rebecca Eason, Mr. James Wells, Mr. James Taylor,  Mrs. Hannah Ding, Mr. J. Kester. jun. and Moses Marriott. With the terrific blaze created their moribund and untenanted neighbours, tbev bad chance, and were destroyed before their terrified occupants could more rcniov. the -cmhl- mo.-t prized.


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