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[22 - 24] Station Road, Swavesey

[22 – 24] Station Road, Church End, High Street, Swavesey

History of cottages between 26 Station Road and The Chequers

1861: High Street

Samuel Kester, 56, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Sarah, 54, b Swavesey

Joseph, 22, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Fredrick, 12, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Charles Hide, visitor, 6, b Cambridge

George Thorp, 27, ag.lab., b Swavesey


Ellen Gilbey, 67, 67, schoolmaster’s widow, b Swavesey


William Pauley, 49, farmer of 30 acres employing 1 man1 boy, b Swavesey

Elizabeth, 55, b Swavesey

Harriett Papworth, niece, 13, servant, b Swavesey

Sarah Pauley, niece, 8, b Swavesey

Susanna Francis, lodger, 46, landed proprietor, b Childerton

Maria Francis, lodger, 42, landed proprietor, b Swavesey


Joseph Metcalfe, 26, thatcher, b Swavesey

Sarah, 26, b Swavesey

William, 2, b Swavesey

Mary Ann, 2 mos, b Swavesey


John Large, 35, carpenter, b Swavesey

Elizabeth, 29, b Stretham

William, 7, b Swavesey

Elizabeth, 4, b Swavesey

Alfred, 2, b Swavesey

1871: High Street

[In 1871 Church End is still called High Street. East of the Chequers some of the names are familiar from 1881 but there is another inn, The Golden Lion, on the way to the station.]

Golden Lion:

Thomas Pauley, 31, coal dealer, b Swavesey

Sarah, 46, b Swavesey

Fisher, 22, groom, b Swavesey

Mary, 21, domestic servant disengaged, b Swavesey

Emma, 12, b Swavesey

Harriet, 11, b Swavesey


Samuel Kester, 67, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Sarah, 65, b Swavesey


Ellen Gilby, 75, pauper, b Swavesey


William Sutton, 76, wheelwright, b Swavesey

Sarah, 77, b Swavesey


Ebenezer Mitchell, 36, farmer, b Swavesey

Sarah, 36, b Swavesey

Alpress, son, 10, b Swavesey

Rosetta, 7, b Swavesey

Andrew, 2, b Swavesey


William Pauley, 59, farmer 6 acres,



John Gilby, 38, railway porter, b Swavesey

Lucy, 35, b Balsham

Henry, 12, ag.lab. boy, b Swavesey

Philip, 10, b Swavesey

John, 8, b Swavesey

George, 6, b Swavesey

Rebecca, 4, b Swavesey

Edward, 2, b Swavesey


John Large, 45, carpenter, b Swavesey

Elizabeth, 39, b Strethham

Elizabeth, 14, b Swavesey

Alfred, 12, b Swavesey

Samuel, 8, b Swavesey

William, 3, b Swavesey

Ruth, 3m, b Swavesey


Jonas Williams, 45, labourer, b Swavesey

Ann E, 39, b Suffolk

William E, 10, ag.lab., b Swavesey

JohnR, 6, b Swavesey

Ernest J, 4, b Swavesey

Frederick, 2,  b Swavesey

Gertrude, 3m, b Swavesey


Alfred Thorp, 51, butcher and farmer of 10 acres, b Swavesey

Mary A, 47, b Swavesey


William Pauley, 68, retired farmer, b Swavesey


John Gilbey, 49, signalman, b Swavesey

Lucy, 44, b Balsham

John H, 18, ag.lab., b Swavesey

George, 16, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Edward, 12, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Edith A, 4, b Swavesey


Elizabeth Large, 49, charwoman, b Sretham

Samuel, 18, ag.lab., b Swavesey

William, 13, ag.lab., b Swavesey

1891: unnumbered

William Ding, 46, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Alice, 46, b Over

Samuel, 21, ag.lab., b Swavesey

George, 19, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Elizabeth, 13, b Swavesey

Emma, 5, b Swavesey

Alice, 3, b Swavesey


William Kester, 58, shepherd, b Swavesey

Ann, 58, b Lolworth

William, 17, ag.lab., b Swavesey


Alfred Thorp, 62, butcher, b Swavesey

Mary A, 58, b Swavesey


Maria Pauley, 73, living on her own means, b Swavesey

Mary A Bowd, sister, 78, b Chatteris


John Gilby, 59, railway signalman, b Swavesey

Lucy, 55, b Balsham


Lydia Thorp, 49, living on own means, b Conington

Alfred, 12, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Agnes, 10,  b Swavesey

1901: unnumbered

William Ding, 56, ag. lab., b Swavesey

Alice, 56, b Over

Emma, 15, b Swavesey

Alice, 13, servant, b Swavesey

Joseph, 1, b Swavesey

Robert, 78, uncle, widower, formerly ag.lab., b Hunts


Alfred Thorp, 72, widower, retired butcher, b Swavesey

Agnes, niece, 29, housekeeper, b Swavesey


Maria Pauley, widow, 86, living on her own means, b Swavesey

Grace Beattie, great niece, 22, housekeeper, b Cambridge

1911: Station Road

William Ding, 66, roadman county council, b Swavesey

Alice Ann, 66, b Over

Joseph, grandson, 11, b Swavesey


James Martin, 79, widower, b Lolworth

Anne Maria Martin, daughter, 57, b Lolworth


Two old thatched cottages, tenanted Mr. W. Ding and Mr. J. Martin, were totally destroyed, but Mr. George Green’s brick house escaped, though not the outbuildings.


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