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39 Station Road Swavesey

39 Station Road, Church End, High Street, Swavesey

History of 39 Station Road

39 Station Road Swavesey


Joseph Marriott, 53, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Moses, 27, ag.lab., b Swavesey

Elizabeth, 21, housekeeper, b Swavesey

Robert, 15, ag. lab., b Swavesey

Ellen, 12, b Swavesey



Henry Howlett, 33, shepherd, b Burrough Green

Elizabeth, 33, b Brinkley

William H J, 9, Burrough Green

Janet, 6, b Burrough Green

George, 4, b Burrough Green



Elizabeth Howlet, widow, 43, dress maker, b Brinkley

William H, 18, groom, b Burrough Green

George, 14, ag.lab., b Burrough Green

Ada, 4, b Swavesey



Elizabeth Howlett, widow, 55, needlewoman

Ada, 14, servant,

William Gull, lodger, 19, railway porter, b Norf


1901: unnumbered

Elizabeth Howlett, 63, monthly nurse


1911: no number

Elizabeth Howlett, 73, widow, b Brinkley



but two and plaster cottages tenanted by Mrs Howlett; and Mr. W. Cain were wiped out. A tremendous blaze raged at this point, near the Swan pond, and the backs of the houses particular were devoured with marvellous speed. Mr. Twist’s house, was saved, although adjoins The burning cottages, but two rooms were damaged by fire. Some of his outbuildings were burnt, and at time the house appeared in considerable danger, but the Swan i>ond front, so that it was easy matter it with water.



Swan Pond, Swavesey.. Description


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