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7 - 9 Station Road Swavesey

7 Station Road, Church End, High Street, Swavesey

History of 7 Station Road

1871: High Street

Aaron Metcalfe, 46, thatcher


Martha A, 12, b Swavesey


William D, 9, b Swavesey

Edmund, 7

Samuel Day Metcalf, 5



Aaron Metcalfe, 56, thatcher, b Swavesey

Esther, 55, b Swavesey

James, 24, carpenter out of employ, b Swavesey

Edmund, 19, bricklayer, b Swavesey

Samuel, 15, thatchers son, b Swavesey

Susan Day, mother in law, widow, 79, annuitant, b Swavesey



Esther Metcalfe, 65, b Swavesey

William D, 27, cowkeeper and grazier, b Swavesey

Martha A, 32, servant, b Swavesey

Selina E M, grand daughter, 2, b Cambridge



Esther Metcalfe, widow, 75, living on own means, b Swavesey



Alfred John Willson, 32, grocers assistant, b Oakington

Rachel Willson, 32,  b Histon

Phyllis, 3, b Swavesey



Mr. A. J. Willson’s brick and slated house escaped destruction, but kept smouldering, and was very seriously damaged later in the day.



Home of Alfred Wilson who used one of the front rooms as a sweet shop.


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