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7 - 9 Station Road Swavesey

9 Station Road, Church End, High Street, Swavesey

History of 9 Station Road, Swavesey

1871: High Street

Steven Middleton, 45, railway lab, b Swavesey

Esther, 45, b Fen Drayton

Harriet H, 13, b Swavesey

Charles, 17, ag.lab., b Swavesey



John Payne, 48, hay and chaff dealer, b Swavesey

Emma, 45, b Swavesey



Eliza R Holmes, 19, b Childerley

Benjamin, 8m, b Swavesey


1901: unnumbered

Esther Roby, widow, 70, b Fen Drayton, lame from broken ankle not from childhood


1911: unnumbered

Benjamin Thorp, 39, cycle agent, b Swavesey

Hannah, 26, b Westmoreland



The house of Mr. Ben Thorp, the well-known cyclist and skater, stood next in the path of the flames, with workshops

[The following section is illegible on the BNA scan]

and evele and motor stores at the back. All the buildings were alight before the rescuers had had time to remove very much, but the more valuable part of Mr. Thorp’s stock-in-trade was saved. with, it is hoped, the greater part of the valuable cups and other trophies be has won in various sporting events. Mr. Thorp himself was away in London.

9 & 11 were built on the site of the cottages burned down in 1913.

Station Road, Swavesey.. Description


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