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High Street. School house on left 1920s. (Alan Lee Swavesey collection)

School House, High Street, Swavesey

History of School, Swavesey

Class photo in 1917 (Alan Lee Swavesey collection)

School early 1920s. Built 1842. (Alan Lee Swavesey collection)

Swavesey School (Alan Lee Swavesey collection) Back row from left: Ted Brazier, Charlie Wright, Harnott Colgrave, Doug Eastgrove, Billy Prior, Dudley Nightingale, George Norman, Ronnie Bath, teacher unknown. Front row from left: Joan Walker, Joan Gallaghan, Dora Payne, Joan Wilderspin, Lucy Mytham, Joyce Melbourn, Gladys Wright, May Kester, Mary Leigh.

Swavesey school 1922 (Alan Lee Swavesey collection)

Swavesey school, 1923 (Alan Lee Swavesey collection) Back row from left: teacher, Earnest Mytham, Doris Williamson, Joyce Lee (sister), Margaret Wagstaff, Hilda Heffer, Edna Prime, Stan Wright, Sam Warnham. Middle row, left to right: Charlie Wright, Dick Williams, Sally Heydon, George Bishop, Arthur Kester, ??, ??, John Hodson, Bobby Mytham. Next row, left to right: Douglas Grove, Gladys Wright, May Kester, Joan Wilderspin, Vic Wilderspin, Walter Denyer, ??, Dudley Nightingale, Hilda Savage, Dora Payne, Joan Gallaghan. Front row, left to right: Flo Kester, ??, Margaret Wagstaff, ??, Hilda Walker, ??, ??.

Swavesey school (Alan Lee Swavesey collection)

Swavesey school (Alan Lee Swavesey collection) Back row, left to right: Stanley Budge, Archie Turner, Dick Williams, Norman Lee, Jimmy Lodes, May Kester, Olive Prior, Ted Brazier, Verna Smith, Miss Scott teacher.Middle Row, left to right: Henry Oakman, Cyril Wagstaff, Roy Godfrey, Stratty Makakee, Kate Carrier, Mary Shepperson, Lily Heffer, Stella Fromant, Sylvia Carter. Front row left to right: Percy Wright, Frank Hodson, Gerald Prior, Edna Clowse, Joan Prior, Ralph Wilderspin, Freddie peters, Alfred Walker, Alan Lee.

Swavesey School (Alan Lee Swavesey collection) Back row left to right, Billy Prior, Ron Bath, ??, Dudley Nightingale, Walter Denyer, Charlie Wright, George Norman, ??. Centre row, left to right, Stan Wright, Jack Wright, Douglas Grove, Joan Wilderspin, Edna Prime, Doreen Clowse, Margaret Wagstaff, ??, Havery Wagstaff, Dora Payne. Front row, left to right, Percy Wright, Bernard Wright, Gladys Wright, Joan Walker, Mary Lee, Jean Wood, Cyril Wagstaff, ??, Gladys Melbourn. the teacher is Miss Girpody.

Swavesey school, teacher Mrs Levell (Alan Lee Swavesey collection) Back row, left to right, Dudley Bishop, Jack Wright, Bobby Mutham, Laurie Peters, Alec Kester, Bill Holmes, George Prior, John Wells, Clarence Wagstaff, Dudley Nightingale, ??. Second row down, left to right, ??, Joyce Jacklin, Elsie Godfrey, Hilda Colpin, ??, Lucy Tee, Joan Williams, Edna Prime, ??, Grace Whybrow, Reenie Holmes, ??. Next row, left to right, Joan Wilderspin, ??, Edie Parrish, May Kester, ??, Celia Wells, Flo Kester, Margaret Wagstaff, Gwen Payne, Vera Walker, Hilda Walker, Joyce Melbourn, Winnie Wood. Front row, left to right, Wilf Parrish, Lionel Wood, ??, Ken Godfrey, Danny Wright.

Swavesey School (Alan Lee Swavesey collection) Back row, left to right, Alfred Walker, Percy Wright, Eric Wood, Henry Oakman, Neville Cannon, Stanley Budge, Ted Brashier, Roy Godfrey, Cyril Wagstaff, Alan Lee. Centre from left to right, Olive Pryor, Gertrude Dalton, Kate Carrier, Verna Smith, Stella Froment. Front row from left, Edna Pryor, Ruby Wilderspin, Gladys Wright, Kathleen Jacklin, Betty Colpin.

School c 1930 children going home to lunch (Alan Lee Swavesey collection)

Lee family outside headmaster’s house (Alan Lee Swavesey collection) At back, eldest sister Yvonne, left to right, Mary, Joyce, Norman and Alan.

Children’s party in school, either VE or VJ Day. (Alan Lee Swavesey collection)

Demolishing old school in 1960s.(Alan Lee Swavesey collection) From left: George Meakins, Claude Walker, Jack Martin, Dennis Froment, Nee Fry Ashton; in front, Ben Smith.




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