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178 Hills Road, Trumpington House

History of Trumpington House


For details about Alfred Jones and the Jones family generally visit:

Alfred was the sone of the dentist John Jones who practised at 63 Trumpington Street.

Alfred Jones, 48, member of the college of dentists, dentist, farmer of 210 acres, 7 men, 7 boys

Eliza, 49

Sarah Miller, mother in law, 84, widow, annuitant, born Swavesey

Marianne Starmer, sister-in-law, widow, 57, annuitant, born Cambridge

Alfred Jones, nephew, 25, dentist, born Stamford

Adelaide Jones, niece, 24, born Lincoln

Laura Sexton, servant, 39, cook, born Spalding

Kate Duce, servant, 24, housemaid, born Shelford

Rebecca Easy, 18, housemaid, born Cambridge

It seems possible that Jone’s Farm on Hills Road  was in fact Alfred Jones’s Farm. He may have bought the original Jordan’s Farm which is marked on earlier maps at the time he inherited and built Trumpington House.


Alfred Jones, 59, retired dentist

Eliza, 59, born Cambridge

Montague, nephew, 28, student, born Stamford

Mary Ward, visitor, 48, companion, born London

Matilda Chapman, 23, cook, born Cambridge

Gertia Chapman, 17, housemaid, born Cambridge

Sarah Barker, 18, housemaid, born Cambridge


Alfred Jones, 68, retired dentist, born Cambridge

Beatrice E, 27

Florence L, 4

Mary E K Ward, servant, 55, secretary, born Westminster

Walter J Box, servant, 34, male nurse, born Hereford

Matilda Chapman, servant, 32, cook, born Grantchester

Elizabeth Longford, servant, 42, nurse, born Chesterton, deaf


Beatrice Emma Jones, 37, widow, born Shrewsbury

Florence Louise Jones, 14, born Cambridge

Mad.lle E Meier, 18, governess, born Switzerland

Henry John Robinson, visitor, 65, born Ipswich

Elizabeth Lofts, servant, 35, cook, born Cambs

May Tabor, servant, 18, housemaid, born Grantchester

Ethel Peachey, servant, 18, parlourmaid, born Fulbourn

Beatrice was the widow of Alfred Jones, born 1832. He was a dentist and took over his father’s business in 1878 at 63 Trumpington Street and built Trumpington House soon afterwards. He first married an Eliza Miller in 1859 and then Beatrice Anna circa 1895.

Alfred Jones was one of two dentists elected to work at Addenbrookes in 1887 under the Dental Act of 1878. Each attended for one hour a week. Jones was one of the first dentists to use prolonged nitrous oxide anaesthetic with a nasal inhaler.

There is detailed genealogical information about him on this site:

there is further information in the ‘History of Addenbrooke’s Hospital, Cambridge’ by Rook, Carlton and Graham Cannon.



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