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11 & 13 Madras Road

13 Madras Road

History of 13 Madras Road


Walter Morley and Thomas Armstrong, painter and glazier


Herbert Day

1919 15/8/1919 Ernest & Millie Southerhill charged with damaging crop of sainfoin (CC BNA CIP).

Ernest and Millie Southerhill’s, and Frederick Brand’s, damaging of sainfoin, then a widely- planted form of green manure which also produced excellent hay, may have taken place on the fields south of the old Newmarket rail line – fields which would be turned to housing in the 1930s. Why would they be damaging a crop? Was there a picnic on private land? (See Madras Road Report)


William Barton, packer


William Barton, packer 1939-40


William Barton

William Barton, first recorded as a “packer” in 1931/32, remaining until c.1962 = 30+ years.


Barry Sykes

In 2022 SC sent this email: My whole family owned houses in the street from early/mid 60’s till just a few years ago. My parents/3kids #5 Madras, my aunt/uncle/4 kids at #13 Madras, my grandparents at 33 Marmora (cnr Madras). Love Romsey Town/Cambridge & always in my heart. I now live in Australia


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