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35 Madras Road

35 Madras Road

History of 35 Madras Road

No. 35: application in December 1911 by A. Marriott, 342 Mill Road, on behalf of Mrs B. T. Waits, 28 Mill Road, to erect a cottage. The house was occupied by John Frederick Ellis, carpenter, and presumably family, from 1912 to the late 1940s.

35 Madras Road, building plans



John Ellis (occupant) found Mrs Alice Louise Hanks, widow of Charles Hanks, hanged dead from a clothes peg (CCBNACIP). The story of Mrs Alice Louise Hanks is more cheerless. It is recorded that she came to stay with the Ellis’s after the demise of her husband, Charles. She didn’t recover from the loss and committed suicide. That it was from a clothes peg that she hanged herself indicates the degree of her distress. She was found thus by Mr Ellis upon his return from work. (See Madras Road Report)



John Frederick Ellis, carpenter



Mrs A Ellis



Michael Bodnoir


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