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164 Sturton Street

A Joiner and a Bricklayer


Edward A. Yorke, head, married, 42, tailor, b. Cambridge
Alice Yorke, wife, married, 39, b. Cambridge
Horace Smith, nephew, 13, scholar, b. Twickenham, Cambridgeshire


George Gentry, 44, Joiner, b. Bocking, Essex

Emily Gentry, 45, Dressmaker, b. Bocking, Essex

Herbert P Gentry, 23, Domestic Butler, b. Bocking, Essex

Charles H Gentry, 20, Baker and Confectioner, b. Thaxted, Essex

Inez Ellen Gentry, 18, Mothers Help, b. Thaxted, Essex

Basil G Gentry, 16, Shop Assistant, b. Thaxted, Essex

Bertie J Gentry, 14, Church Chorister, b. Thaxted, Essex

Lillie E Gentry, 11, Scholar, b. Saffron Walden, Essex

Topsy N Gentry, 10, Scholar, b. Cambridge

Albert V Gentry, 7, Scholar, b. Cambridge

Ernest W Gentry, 5, Scholar, b. Cambridge

This family move to 18 Milford Street by 1901 and 129 Sturton Street by 1911.


George Ison, 31, bricklayer, b. Cambridge

Margaret Ison, 30, b. Waterbeach

Elizabeth A Ison, 9, b. Mortlake, Surrey

Harry G Ison, 2, b. Cambridge


George Ison, head, 42, married, bricklayer, b. Cambridge
Margaret Ison, wife, 40, married, b. Waterbeach, Cambridgeshire
Elizabeth Ison, daughter, 19, shop assistant for boot warehouse, b. Mortlake, Surrey
Harry Ison, son, 12, b. Cambridge
Nellie Ison, daughter, 8, b. Cambridge

Married 21 years, 3 children

The family has a couple of boarders living with them.

Charles Bareford is 32 and a fireman for the Great Eastern Railway.  As a child Charles lived at 36 Ainsworth Street and on York Terrace.  He is now a widower with three children.  Daughter Ada lives with her Uncle George in Cowlinge, Suffolk.  Daughter Grace shows up in Cowlinge by 1921 working as a Parlourmaid at Branches Park.  Son Frederick is 5 in 1911 and living here with Charles.

During the First World War Charles served as a Sapper with the 3rd Norfolk Regiment.  He died in June 1918, and is buried in the Amara War Cemetery in Iraq.


George Ison, 52, bricklayer for Coulson & Son

Margaret Ison, 50,

Nellie Ison, 18, office clerk for the Cooperative Stores on Burleigh Street

David Rose, 27, boarder, fireman on the Great Eastern Railway

Frederick Bareford, 15, adopted child, errand boy for Sturton & Son on Fitzroy Street.  The electoral registers show Frederick remaining with George Ison at 164 Sturton Street until 1935.  Frederick married Elizabeth Twinn in 1937.

Source – 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 & 1921 UK Census,, Commonwealth War Graves Commission, Cambridgeshire Electoral Registers, Burgess Rolls and Poll Books (1722-1966),


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