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34 Sturton Street

History of 34 Sturton Street

This building no longer stands.

1869 – 1884

The Rose Inn

“Borough Adjourned Lisencing Meeting – Joseph Stedman applied for a license to a new house in Sturton Street, which was granted.” Cambridge Independent Press 02 October 1869

Sturton Street is unnumbered in 1871, but Joseph Stedman has been granted his license for The Rose Inn and is certainly living there in 1871.

“An inquest was held at the Rose, Sturton Street, yesterday (Friday) evening, on the body of Frederick Wm. Rust Garner, tobacconist and news agent, of Bridge Street. […] The first witness was Joseph Stedman, landlord of the Rose, who said: The deceased is my son-in-law.”  Cambridge Independent Press 30 September 1871

The 1871 census records Joseph as a 51 year old plumber from Leamington in Warwickshire.  He is married to Elizabeth, 51, from Walden, Cambridgeshire.  She works as a lacemaker.  Their son Robert lives with them.  Robert is 24 and a painter. His wife is called Elizabeth.

Joseph is still recorded as being a plumber on the 1881 census.  Their son, Robert, cannot be located on this census, but his wife Elizabeth is still living here. She is a dress and mantle maker.  After the death of his father, Frederick Garner in 1871, the eleven year old Frederick J Garner is living here with his grandparents.

1884 Spaldings Directory – Joseph Stedman, licensed victualler

1887 – 1891

1887 Spaldings Directory – Cornwell, Henry – The Rose

Henry Cornwell, 42, Publican, b. Bottisham, Cambridgeshire

Matilda Cornwell, 35, b. Bottisham, Cambridgeshire

Alfred Cornwell, 16, Errand Boy, b. Bottisham, Cambridgeshire

Charles Cornwell, 14, Scholar, b. Bottisham, Cambridgeshire

Maud Cornwell, 10, Scholar, b. Cambridge

Harry Cornwell, 7, Scholar, b. Cambridge

Leonard Cornwell, 3, Scholar, b. Cambridge

Lilian Cornwell, 1, b. Cambridge

1893 – 1901

This family previously lived at 83 Sturton Street.

Head of household in 1901 is Charles Hewson, a painter from MIldenhall.  He is married to Rebecca, aged 48 and also from Mildenhall.  They have two children, Rebecca aged 13 and Gertrude aged 10.  Both girls were born in Cambridge.

Charles appears in the Cambridge Independent Press on 12 May 1893, under “Education”. “For disobeying Magistrates’ orders to sent their children to school, fines were inflicted on the following defendants … Charles Hewson, 34 Sturton Street, 2s 6d

HEWSON – July 7, at 34 Sturton Street Cambridge, Grace M V Hewson, aged 2 months (Deaths recorded in the Cambridge Independent Press 14 July 1893)

In December 1893, Charles was fined again for failing to send his children to school.  Another 2 shillings and sixpence.  In January 1894, he’s back in court again for the same offence and fined another 4 shillings.  Then another 5 shillings in February and yet another that August!

They move to 7 Perowne Street by 1911.

This property is not on the 1911 Census.

Sources – 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 Census, Spaldings Directory 1884 & 1887, Cambridge Independent Press (2 October 1869) (30 September 1871) (12 May 1893) (14 July 1893) (8 December 1893) (19 January 1894) (16 February 1894) (24 August 1894),


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