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72 Ainsworth Street

A Non-Conformist Farmer & a Bricklayer's Labourer

Number 72, otherwise known as Harley Cottage, built 1871, is a single property on the end of a terrace on the east side of Ainsworth Street.

Harley Cottage, built 1871


Thomas Livermore, Head, 32, Engine Fireman on G.E.R., Duxford, Cambridgeshire
Louisa Livermore, Wife, 31, Southampton, Hampshire
William W. Livermore, 3, Cambridgeshire
Arthur J. Livermore, 2, Cambridgeshire
Louisa Livermore, Cambridgeshire
Martha Ambrose, Visitor, 20, Cambridgeshire


In this year John How Medlow lived here, aged 60, a retired farmer from Waterbeach.  He was born into a non-conformist family.  His wife Jane is 63 and their children Helen 31, and George William 28.  Their unmarried children were born in Waterbeach.  George William is a  carpenter and joiner.


William Pearson, head, 56, bricklayer’s labourer, b. Cheveley, Cambridgeshire

Sarah Pearson, wife, 57, b. Cheveley, Cambridgeshire

Eliza Pearson, daughter, 28, b. Cheveley, Cambridgeshire


William Pearson, head, 67, builder’s bricklayer, b. Cheveley, Cambridgeshire

Sarah Pearson, wife, 69, b. Cheveley, Cambridgeshire

Eliza Pearson, daughter, 40, b. Cheveley, Cambridgeshire

J W Pearson, grandson, 9, school boy, b. London

Fanny Ringham, boarder, single, 72, independent means, b. Waterstock, Oxfordshire

William and Sarah are 45 years married.  They had five children, one of whom has died.


Chas Cornell


Chas Cornell

72a Kershaw Heating & Plumbing, heating and sanitary engineers, plumbers sheet metal workers & welders.

SOURCES: Census for 1891, 1901, 1911 and Trade Directories for 1953 and 1967


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