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40 Kingston Street

A Dairyman & a Cab Driver


Thomas and Harriet Coleman, both 56,live here in 1881 with two grown up children.  Thomas is a dairyman and was born in Duxford, and Harriet is from Pampisford.  Son Thomas, 22, is a dairyman like his father and Charlotte is 20.  Both children were born in Hertfordshire.


In 1891, 40 Kingston Street is still home to the Coleman family. Thomas and Harriett Coleman, now both aged 66, live with their daughter and their granddaughter. Thomas Coleman works as a cowkeeper, an increasingly uncommon job at the time.  Their 30 year old daughter Charlotte Coleman has a 13 year old daughter Grace, who is listed as a scholar.


By 1901, 40 Kingston Street is home to the Dunn family. Alice Dunn, a 35 year old from Whittlesford, is married to Frederick Dunn, a 37 year old cab driver. They have one daughter, a 5 year old called Mary.


In 1911, 40 Kingston Street is home to Samson and Emily Leech. Emily is 44, hailing from Bury St. Edmunds, and Samson, a 40 year old from Withersfield in Suffolk, working as a Carriage Builder. They have taken on a lodger, Martha Taylor, a 70 year old retired sick nurse from Kings Lynn.

Sources: 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 UK Census


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