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50a-52 Gold Street

Gold Street

History of Gold Street

Gold Street was one of the road that disappeared entirely during the redevelopment of the Kite Area during the 1980s.

This picture shows 50a, 51 and 52 Gold Street, at the junction with Eden Place.


(50) The Rabbit

Louisa Kidman, 18, licensee



(50) John Nightingale, brewer



(50) Richard Edwards, b Sawston 1840



(50) Edwards took over the Fitzroy Brewery associated with the Fitzroy Arms in Fitzroy Street.



(11) Brewing business

(50) Edwards transferred brewing business across the road to 11 Gold Street evidenced by 185 ft borehole. Publican of Rabbit is now Henry Nixon who is also brewer.



(11) Louisa Edwards takes over brewery


(11) Brewery taken over by Wood and Sons mineral water works



WEST SIDE from Fitzroy Street

(1) G P Hawkins, bakers and confectioners

(2) George Mathie, joiner

(3) William Chapman, bootmaker

(4) Charles Buttress

(5) –

(6) Edward Blake, college servant

(7) Charles Ebden, carpenter

(8) Sidney Badcock, carman

(9) Mrs Bell

(10) William Howell, bootmaker

(11) Woods and Son’s mineral water works

(12) William Doggett

(13) William Frederick Evans, college servant

(14) Allen Parker, bootmaker

(15) George Starnell, painter

(16) Mrs Adlard, sweet shop

(17) William George Shipp, The Johnny Gilpin

(18) The Johnny Gilpin

(19) Charles Frederick Connor, tailor

(20) John E Leeds, railway servant GER

(21) Joseph Bailey, cab driver

(22) William Clements, labourer

(25) Charles Whybrow, labourer

(26) William Long, carman

(27) William Johnson, boot closer

(28) Daniel Holmes, wireman GER

(29) John Rice, gardener

(30) Mrs Ludman

(31) William Huntley, fish hawker

(32) George Wallis, coach trimmer

(33) George Turner, labourer

(33a) Nathan Smith

EAST SIDE from East Road

(34) Albert Odell, dealer

(35) Thomas Claydon, theatre employee

(36) Arthur George Kiddy, cement worker

(37) Mrs Mansfield

(38) Mrs Martha Scott, dairy


Star Brewery Ltd

(40) Alfred henry Goode, Sovereign Brewery Tap

(41) William Farmer, basket maker

(42) George James Hunt, whitesmith

(43) William Shipp

(44) Albert Edward Richardson, labourer

(45) John Laughton, waiter

(46) Charles Smith, lamplighter

(47) John Charles Shadbolt, sailor RN

(48) Thomas Laughton, tailor

(49) William gates, ice cream vendor

(50) John William T Davis, The Rabbit

Eden Place

(1) Mrs Taylor

(2) Henry Bell, groom

Eden Cottages

(1) John Newman, waiter

(2) George Randell Coates, stoker RN

Gold Street cont…

(50a) Charles Darler, bootmaker

(51-52) Mrs Pearson dressmaker



1962: –


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