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allan brigham

Allan Brigham Castle Mound – 04:01:2021, 16.19

Allan Brigham interviewed for 105 FM by Caroline Biggs on Castle Mound,...

MRD Allan Brigham 4 Aug 2015 SL

Courtesy of Shelly Lockwood

Allan Brigham – 40. Donkey Common. Soldier guarding common from squatters. 10.9.1946

Military policeman guarding Donkey’s Common huts from squatters. Cambridge Daily News 10...

Romsey Recreation Ground: A Brief History, 1898-2017 – Allan Brigham

Romsey Recreation Ground: A Brief History, 1898-2017 - Allan Brigham


Donkey's Common 2016. Photo by Allan Brigham

Mitcham’s Corner I-Spy answers

The OWL is to be found on The Boathouse pub, once known...

    Bolton’s Warehouse, Tenison Road

    1913: George Bolton, furniture remover’s storehouse R Sharman, builder’s yard read full...

      Romsey Recreation Ground

      From the City Council review of the park in 2008. Romsey Recreation...

      Cambridge Castle, County Gaol

      Caroline Biggs interviewed local historian Allan Brigham in 2013 from the top...

      Romsey Town, 1966-2006

      In 2006 Allan Brigham and Colin Wiles wrote a paper for the Chartered...

        The Six Bells

        Publicans at The Six Bells Francis was perhaps a member of the...

          85-89 Mill Road, Sturton Town Hall, The Kinema

          The well-loved cinema popularly known as 'the Fleapit' situated at 85-89 Mill Road.

            Mill Road Names

            Imagine a dusty, empty track leading past corn fields and ending at...


              Here you’ll find links to other sites to help you with your local history...

              Bolton’s Warehouse

              Read the full report of George Bolton’s Warehouse (80MB PDF).  

                The Mill Road Depot

                Read the history of the Mill Road Depot area in the Building...

                  65 Lensfield Road, Waterloo House / 13 Downing Terrace

                  1851 Charlotte Skinner, widow, 65, house proprietor and annuitant Mary Charlotte Harriet...

                    Donkey’s Common

                    The 1812 Inclosure Map contains an area labelled as ‘Second Allotment for...

                    Alison’s Story

                    Romsey Town was built between 1880 and 1900. Although it is now...

                      Mill Road 1823-1851

                      What was here before all the houses? The Early Development of Mill...

                        The Mill

                        The Mill Road windmill may date back to as early as the...

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