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19 Bridge Street, Baron of Beef

History of 19 Bridge Street

For the early history of this site, look at entry on Clement Hostel. Other information can be found in T E Faber, An Intimate History of St Clement’s (2006).

In 1825 this site was sold as part of the Clement Hostel. It was Lot 36, occupied by a sadler and offering attractive  commercial opportunities. It was bought by William Binder but he assigned the property to the partnership of Samuel Bullock, baker, and William Ekin, a well-known brewer. By 1842 they had pulled down the premises occupied by the saddler and a Mary Baxter and created a new building. This was certainly a pub or inn.

1841 Ann Lawrence

The partnership between Bullock and Ekin was dissolved in 1842 and the pub was then onwed by William Ekin. ‘Ekin’s Brilliant Ales’ were on sale at The Baron of Beef and he seems to have continued as owner until 1887.

1851 innkeeper, Doughty


James Sebley, 32, eating house keeper, b Somerset

1871 Baron of Beef [first appearance of this name]

1913 W H Grant, Baron of Beef


Baron of Beef P H

P Daniels


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