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38 Bridge Street – the Griffin, the red Lion, the New Red Lion

History of 38 Bridge Street

West of Bridge Street in the Nineteenth Century

For detailed information on this site see T E Faber ‘An Intimate History of St Clement’s Parish’, 2006.

1279: Cecily Plumb who married Walter Wyne

1283: William Pittok

1343: John Pittok / Piscator

1365: Stephen Morice junior tenant

1371; daughter Agnes Morice tenant

1374: Thomas Spore occupant

1397: John Brigham occupant

end of 15th cent: Geoffrey Fisher and wife

1556: death of John Richardson who left property to his nephew Christopher

1688: Christopher Green the Elder, college cook of Caius owned nos 38-41 Bridge Street. In 1688 estate temporarily split between his two children but by 1706 properties reunited and stayed in ownership of Edward Green I, cousin of Christopher.

1795: nos 39-41 sold to Charles Finch I, ironmonger.

1803: according to T E Faber it is likely that the name of the original Red Lion in Bridge Street at no.47 was transferred to np.39.

1821: Edward Green II sold no. 38 (‘heretofore called the Griffin Inn and now and for some time past the Red Lion‘) to Richard Foster, brewer for £1,000.

1821-46: old red Lion was revived and the designation’New red Lion’ was needed.

1855: the ‘Red Lion or New Red Lion’ sold to St John’s by Richard Foster, son of Richard Foster, for £950.


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