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Globe Passage & St John’s Back Lane

History of Globe Passage

One Man’s Cambridge by J A Charles (2006) states that Globe Passage was originally part of Milne Street. St John’s College acquired property in the Passage at various dates between 1822 and 1862.

1851 Globe Passage


Allen Cavill, head, 38,

Louisa, 38,

Richard, 12,

Maria, 1,

John, 6,

William Swan, head, 26, coach painter,

Ann Maria, 24, dress maker,

Sarah Ann Jessop, head, widow, 63, relief of parish,


John Brooks, head, 44,



John William Bells, head, 30, labourer,



James Ireland, head, 42, college servant,



George Bendall, head, 28, cabinet maker



Henry Charles, head, 28, groom, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 28, bedmaker, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 6, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 3, b Cambridge

John, 1, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Pepper, 17, servant, b Cambridge

In 1861 the Charles family were living at 4 Drummer Street.


Isaac Froment, head, 37, boot closer,



Joseph Larkins, head, 54, clothes cleaner,



William Day, head, 51, groom,



Rachel Ireland, head, 65, bed maker,



Susannah Hall, head, widow, 49, nurse

1861 St John’s Back Lane

(2) Sarah Brock, 34, college servant, b Essex

(3) Ann E Wilson, 42, coffee seller, b Cambridge

(4) Sarah Shadbolt, 64, college bed maker, b Cottenham

(5) Joseph Larkins, 66, college servant, b London

1861 Globe Passage

(1) Joseph Smith, 38, auctioneers porter, b Cambridge

(2) Louisa Covill, 48, b Gloucs

(3) Susan A Wright, 24, b Cambridge

(4) James Leeland, 52, college servant, b Cambridge

(5) Mary Balls, 70, b Cambridge

(6) David Garwood, 43, upholsterer, b Suffolk

(7) John Emmens, 50, town pindar[?], b Herefordshire

(8) Ann Day, 70, college bedmaker, b Girton

(9) William Lister, 22, journeyman tailor, b Cambridge

(10) Jonathan Abbs, 29, harness maker, b Longstanton




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