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23 Bridge Street

History of 23 Bridge Street

The early history of this site is from T E Faber, An Intimate History of St Clement’s Parish, 2006

c. 1314: Benedict Godsone

1366: held by Eudo de Refham

1379: held late of Eudo de Refham

circa 1413: (no. 22 & 23) bought by Stepehn and Agnes Neel

1443: (nos. 22 & 23) sold as two shops to Henry Richard and his wife

1467: (nos. 22 & 23) William Dak bought properties

1565: lease fro term of 21 years

1636: lease granted to Alice Frithe widow, lessee also of no. 21; occupant was Thomas Lockwood

1661 & 1668: leases of 21 and 23 renewed by Tabors: occupant was Thomas Lockwood

1796: there was a stable at the back to which access could only have been through the house itself. In 1796 the occupant was a baker.



Miss Emma Starling, lodging house keeper

E B Starling, art needlework



(22-23) John’s, house furnishers

(23a) Miss J Sperling


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