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49a Bridge Street, Cox's Yard (St Clement's through arch)(MoC 11/68/53)

49 Bridge Street

History of 49 Bridge Street

West of Bridge Street in the Nineteenth Century

For further information see T E Faber, An Intimate History of St Clement’s Parish, 2006.

1287: Grant by Thomas Tulyet to his sons William and Ele Tulyet

14th cent: tenement or shop held by Reginald le Chandler and Agnes de Goldingham

1491: 4s quit rent paid by William Stevenson

1585: occupant Elizabeth, widow of Thomas Atkinson, master brewer of St John’s. Freehold held by Ralph Ventris.

1604: John Tooley, baker

1610: Tooley died. Freehold held by heirs of Thomas Ventris. They sold to John Badcock I. (He bought property from the Ventrises on the other side of Bridge Street in 1610.)

1634: death of John Badcock. Son, John Badcock II may have lived at no.48. Mother and widow, Anne, lived at no.49.

1637: Ann Badcock, widow

18th cent: property owned by Thomas Nutting who seems to have acquired from a descendant of John Badcock I all the properties in St Clement’s which Badcock bought from the Ventrises. No. 49 rebuilt in brick and stone for Nutting to live in after he retired from business.

House let to Dr Clarke, Dean of Salisbury.

1849: described as an ‘excellent and extensive family residence directly opposite St Clement’s church. In the 1849 sale particulars the strip behind no.49 showed a dozen lots in two rows, with a ‘new road’ running between them as far as ‘St John’s Back Lane.’ Whole estate was bought by St John’s.

1849: property sold. Still had a strip which extended as far as St John’s Lane which led to a small dwelling west of the yard entrance inhabited by a stable keeper, (Mr Chapman) and to stables and maltings.


(49) vacant

(49 1/2) William Henry Poole, 33, teacher of singing, b Staffs

(49 3/4) Celia Cox, 52, livery stables keeper, b Herts

1863: Mr Cox’s stables on site, built after 1849, demolished to provide path for Master of St John’s from his new lodge to the new Chapel. Cox relocated stables to new site and they were still there in 1937.



Alfred  Mark Wade, 46, university lodging house keeper, b Hants

Eliza, 39, b Westmoreland

Alfred Holme, 12, b Surrey

Constance, 7, b Surrey

Bernard A Clay, boarder, 24, printer University Press, b Cambridge



James Cox, 78, livery stables, b Royston


Alfred Mark Wade

49a Cecil C Cox (late James), cab proprietor



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