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Dewhurst's 11-12 Petty Cury and John Collier 13-14 Petty Cury c.1960

14 (11-14), Alexandra House, Petty Cury

History of 14 Petty Cury

1841 ? unnumbered

Charles Banton, 35, painter

Rebecca, 67

Fanny, 35

Emma Hach, 12


Edward Feaks, 46, butcher, b Great Swaffham

Elizabeth, 28, b Norfolk

Martha Clark, 14, servant, b Norfolk

James Crack, 15, butcher’s lad, b Great Swaffham

1861 (14)

Henry Peters, widower, 74, cutter [of what?], b Cambridge

James, 45, son, b Cambridge

Ann, 34, wife, b Wales

Mary Ann, 1, daughter, b Cambridge

1871 (11-14)

Jane Wells, 42, housekeeper, b Warwick

Frederick Crisp, 22, draper, b Willingham

William J H Huckabee, 24, draper, b Devon

William Bullock, 16, draper, b Suffolk

Annie M Bone, 22, draper, b Hunts

Maria Bass, 29, draper, b Beds

Martha A Upton, 23, draper, b Beds

Elizabeth Beales, 26, draper, b Leics

Clara Lee, 23, draper, b London

Margaret Hosley, 19, draper, b Monmouth

Threni P Cunningham, 18, draper, b Surrey

George F Allerton, 29, draper, b Cheshire

Elizabeth A Richards, 27, draper, b Hants

Emma H Savill, 20, draper, b London

Julia Aggin, 22, draper, b Cambridge

Sarah Sear, 28, cook, b Gt Shelford

Caroline Rolph, 25, housemaid, b Suffolk

Eliza Shrower, 25, housemaid, b Suffolk

Eliza Hurrell, 17, housemaid, b Suffolk

1881 (11-14)

Francis Rogers, 21, draper’s assistant, b Kew

Edward Bedford, 21, draper’s assistant, b London

William Stevens, 26, draper’s assistant, b Cornwell

Maria Bass, 38, draper’s assistant, b Beds

Mary Randall, 21, draper’s assistant, b Hants

Louisa Ambrose, 34, draper’s assistant, b Norfolk

Layce Halley, 48, dressmaker, b France

Emma Allen, cook, 32, b Barrington

Elizabeth Westwood, servant, 20, b Pampisford

Sarah Sawyer, housekeeper, 29, b Suffolk


Thomas Wolfe, 42, tailor, b Cambridge

Emma, 41, b Cambridge

Florence, 18, b Cambridge

Charles, 1, b Cambridge

1901 uninhabited


George Stace, milliner, ladies outfitter, undertaker


John Collier, tailor

14 Petty Cury, front right (MoC135/71)

Alexandra House, 11 – 14 Petty Cury (MoC24/60)


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