Capturing Cambridge
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George Stace

15 Petty Cury

History of 15 Petty Cury

1841: ? unnumbered

Isaac Young, 35, tea dealer



Thomas Groom, 32, bootmaker, b Herts

Sarah, 30, b Herts

Philip, 30, bootmaker, b Herts



Thomas Scott, 45, grocer, b Cambridge

Caroline, 42, b Cambridge

Mary Ann, 21, b Cambridge

Thomas, 19, grocer, b Cambridge

Henry, 14, b Cambridge

Caroline, 12, b Cambridge

Sophia, 10, b Cambridge

Walter, 8, b Cambridge

Kate, 6, b Cambridge

Mary Ann Baker, wife’s sister, 38, b Cambridge



Frederick T Jackson, 30, grocer, b Cambridge

Catherine, 30, b Wimpole

Catherine E, 8, b Cambridge

Sarah A, 4, b Cambridge

Frederick T, 18 mos, b Cambridge

Caroline Briggs, 14, servant, b Dullingham


According to Enid Porter in ‘Victorian Cambridge’, Lyles and Speed of 15 Petty Cury bought the Gonville Nursery after the death of Jabez Chater. Their shop and the nursery was acquired later by James Sanders.





George Stace, 39, draper, b Sussex

Amelia, 42, b Cambridge

Winifred Mary, 12, b Cambridge

Mary Elizabeth Kelsey, assistant, 32, mantle shopwoman, b Norfolk

Clara Camwell Kelsey, assistant, 27, millinery shopwoman, b Norfolk

Margaret A Wallman, 23, housemaid, b Swavesey

Ellen Elizabeth Wilson, 16, kitchenmaid, b Chesterton



Edward Malcolm Bennett, servant, 28, clerk, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Ward, 18, servant, b Toft

Louisa Sargent, 48, servant, b Gt Shelford

Francis E Butterfield, 32, servant, dressmaker, b Yorks

Harriett R Fennick, 30, servant, milliner, b London

Sarah E Pinches, servant, 29, drapers assistant, b Herefordshire

Annie G Rice, servant, 29, drapers assistant, b Devon

Anne E Thorpe, 28, draper’s assistant, b Lincs



George Stace, milliner, ladies outfitter, undertaker


13-16 Petty Cury 1960s

13-15 Petty Cury circa 1960s

16 Petty Cury

14 – 18 Petty Cury c.1960


Alexandre Ltd, tailors


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