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The Wrestlers Inn, painted by Margaret Wadsworth in 1902 from an earlier image

16 (18) (16-18)Petty Cury / The Wrestlers Inn / The Livingstone Temperance Hotel

History of 16 Petty Cury

1631 birth of Jeremy Taylor, early Perse School pupil and later Bishop of Down and Connor.

1651 Peter Settle & William Crane, occupiers, mortgage documents held by Corpus Christi

1693 Thomas Fox, lessee, lease records held by Corpus Christi

1719 Richard Fox, tenant, lease records held by Corpus Christi

1749 advertisement of Camb. Chron. 30.11.1749

On Monday next in the afternoon, the Great Muscovy Bear will be baited at the Wrestler Inn in the petty Cury, Cambridge

1750 Peter Taylor & Samuel Stanley, brewers & partners, lease records held by Corpus Christi

1759 Edward Gillam, brewer, lease records held by Corpus Christi

1798 John Edward, tavern keeper, Universal British Directory

1800 Henry Mason, victualler, lease records held by Corpus Christi

1830 Samuel and Frederick Mason (Pigot’s)

1839 William Patman (Pigot’s)


William Patman, 45, brewer

Frances, 40

Mary, 16

Samuel, 14

Sarah, 12,

Francis, 10

Martha, 17

Lucy, 30

Lucy Cullinan, 60

John Toley, 30, officer of excise

Mary Allen, 18, servant

James Bruce, 30, servant

William Newling, 12, servant

? unnumbered:

Elizabeth King, 60, shopkeeper

John King, 35, tailor

George Edwards, 30, groom

James Taylor, 18, brazier

William Tealby, 40, mason

Joseph Tealby, 10

1847 Richard Fuller, innkeeper (London Gazette, 4 February 1848)


Thomas Robinson, 40, innkeeper, b Suffolk

Sarah, 45, b Portugal

Francis, 13, b France

Alfred, 11, b France

Frances E, 9, b France

Frederick, 7, b France

John, 3 mos, b Cambs

Susanna Parkinson, 26, bar maid, b Suffolk

Samuel Vincent, 23, waiter, b Norfolk

Harriet Diss, 24, cook, b Cambs

Ann Kester, 23, housemaid, b Cambs

Sarah Marshall, 24, nursemaid, b Cambs

? unnumbered:

James Thomas Hagreen, 51, dentist, b Suffolk

Anna Sedly, 41, b Cambridge

Charles S, 6, b Cambridge

Sarah A, 5, b Cambridge

Frances E, 3, b Cambridge

Charlotte E, 1, b Cambridge

Elizabeth Louisa Brown, servant, 25, b Cambridge

Jane Brown, servant, 15, b Cambridge

? unnumbered:

Edward Favell, 61, plumber glazier and painter, b Cambridge

Sarah Favell, 58, b Cambridge

Isabella Eleanor Mansfield, 26, servant, b Cambridge

Maria Hardy, 28, servant, b Norfolk

1852 William Bullen,  inland revenue office (Slaters)

1857 Thomas Robinson, lessee (lease records held at Corpus Christi)



Thomas Marshall, 30, railway clerk, b Middlesex

Frances M, 27, b Chelsea

Frances M, 8, b Cambridge

Frederick B, 1 b Cambridge

boy no name, under 1 month,  b Cambridge

Catherine Shadd, widow, 50, monthly nurse, b Girton

Edward Hicks, father in law, 62, printer, b Chelsea

Catherine h Hicks, daughter, 19, b Cambs

Susan A Crick, 19, servant, b Norfolk

(17) uninhabited


Thomas Robinson, inn keeper, 50, b Newmarket
Sarah Robinson, wife, 55, b Lisbon
Francis J Robinson, brewer, 23, b Paris
Alfred Robinson, commercial clerk, 21, b Normandy
Frances C Robinson, 19, b Chantilly France
Frederick L Robinson, commercial clerk, 17, b Chantilly
John Robinson, 10, b Newmarket
Thomas Dunnell, nephew, carver (wood), 25, b Newmarket
William Allend, ostler, 27, b Knapwell
George L Field, boots, 19, b Cambridge

1863 Thomas Robinson, lessee, lease records held by Corpus Christi

Petty Cury south side, 1867 (from left, Wrestlers Inn, Holdsworth, Pont, Copping, Red Hart Yard, Falcon Yard and Red Lion) (Cambridgeshire Collection)

The Wrestlers Inn, Petty Cury c1870 (MoC2/268.64)

The Wrestlers Inn, Petty Cury (MoC268.64)

Rear view of Petty Cury houses seen from yard of Wrestlers c.1870 (J Palmer Clarke)

Wrestler’s Inn, Petty Cury, 19th cent (MoC24/76)

1871 (16-18)

Thomas Robinson, inn keeper, 60, b Newmarket
Sarah Robinson, 65, b Portugal
Frances E Robinson, 29, b France
John Robinson, 20, b Newmarket
Emma Bareford, kitchenmaid, 32, b Swaffham Bulbeck
Charles Webb, boots, 29, b Barton


One of Cambridge’s first trade unions forms in 1872. In a pub.

1879 John Robinson (Post Office Directory)

The Wrestlers Inn, 1880

1881 (18 Petty Cury)

John Robinson, innkeeper, 30, b Newmarket
Frances E Robinson, sister, landlady, 36, b Chantilly
Elizabeth Thurlbourn, waitress, 26, b Mepal
Sophie Willmott, kitchen maid, 19, b Orwell
William Mackness, boots, 32, b Finedon Northampton

In 1885 the building was demolished.

Demolition of the old Wrestlers Inn, Petty Cury, 1884/85

1891 (16)

Adolph G Jungling, 52, hotel keeper, b Germany

Rosina, 44, b Norfolk

Edward J Culyer, brother in law, 34, manager of hotel, b Norfolk

Alice Mary Culyer, sister in law, 29, b Norfolk

Ada Laura Culyer, niece, 5, b Norfolk

Fanny Barker, 27, cook at hotel, b Oakington

Ellen Leggett, 23, waitress at inn, b Suffolk

Mary Saunderson, 16, chambermaid, b Cherry Hinton

Jane Barker, 17, kitchenmaid, b Oakington

Rebecca Fordham, 24, chambermaid, b Foxton

Charles A Philips, 19, boots at hotel, b Wales

1901 (16  to 17)

Edward James Culyer, 46, Temperance Hotel Proprietor, b Norfolk

Alice Mary, 40, b Norfolk

Ada Laura, 16, b Norfolk

Elizabeth Russell, 40, cook, b Ely

Kate C Brown, 19, housemaid, b Suffolk

Minnie Reed, 25, waitress, b Soham

Millie Knight, 27, waitress, b Cambridge

Mary A Bradford, 25, kitchenmaid, b Bottisham

Phoebe Cook, 23, housemaid,  b Cambridge

John Gwyther, boarder, 66, congregational minister, b Lancs

Agnes Gwyther, boarder, 30, b Cheshire

Edward Power, 56, commercial traveller, b Kent

Herbert Harmsworth, 29, engineer, b Hants

William Thomas Bleet, 15, errand boy, b Cambridge

[William Bleet had lived at 7 York Street. He joined the Northampton Regiment in 1907 aged 18. At this time he seems to have adopted the name Reed. He died in 1916 in Cambridge circumstances unknown. See Mill Road Cemetery entry.]


(16-17) Livingstone Commercial Temperance Hotel, Dining Rooms and Restaurant

Edward J Culyer, proprietor

19/10/1929 With the passing of Mrs Eliza Jane Mason of the Livingstone Hotel, Petty Cury, Cambridge has lost a prominent member of the restaurant business. She commenced business with a university lodging house on Market Hill which became known as ‘Masons’ and was converted into a restaurant. It was largely used by cadets and catered for the officers stationed here during the Great War. Almost the first Belgian wounded soldiers were billeted there and she acted as a sort of nursing mother to them. Her next move was to Sadd’s before she bought the Livingstone Hotel which was then only a coffee house. It is now one of the best commercial hotels in Cambridge. She also built the Rendezvous, Magrath Avenue as a skating rink in 1909. (Cam.News)


Kum Loong restaurant


Dipple and Conway, opticians

16 Petty Cury


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