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16 Petty Cury / The Wrestlers Inn

History of 16 Petty Cury

1651: Peter Settle & William Crane, occupiers, mortgage documents held by Corpus Christi

1693: Thomas Fox, lessee, lease records held by Corpus Christi

1719: Richard Fox, tenant, lease records held by Corpus Christi

1750: Peter Taylor & Samuel Stanley, brewers & partners, lease records held by Corpus Christi

1759: Edward Gillam, brewer, lease records held by Corpus Christi

1798: John Edward, tavern keeper, Universal British Directory

1800: Henry Mason, victualler, lease records held by Corpus Christi

1830: Samuel and Frederick Mason (Pigot’s)

1839: William Patman (Pigot’s)

1847: Richard Fuller, innkeeper (London Gazette, 4 February 1848)

1852: William Bullen,  inland revenue office (Slaters)

1857: Thomas Robinson, lessee (lease records held at Corpus Christi)



Thomas Robinson, inn keeper, 50, b Newmarket
Sarah Robinson, wife, 55, b Lisbon
Francis J Robinson, brewer, 23, b Paris
Alfred Robinson, commercial clerk, 21, b Normandy
Frances C Robinson, 19, b Chantilly France
Frederick L Robinson, commercial clerk, 17, b Chantilly
John Robinson, 10, b Newmarket
Thomas Dunnell, nephew, carver (wood), 25, b Newmarket
William Allend, ostler, 27, b Knapwell
George L Field, boots, 19, b Cambridge


1863: Thomas Robinson, lessee, lease records held by Corpus Christi



Thomas Robinson, inn keeper, 60, b Newmarket
Sarah Robinson, 65, b Portugal
Frances E Robinson, 29, b France
John Robinson, 20, b Newmarket
Emma Bareford, kitchenmaid, 32, b Swaffham Bulbeck
Charles Webb, boots, 29, b Barton


1879: John Robinson (Post Office Directory)



John Robinson, innkeeper, 30, b Newmarket
Frances E Robinson, sister, landlady, 36, b Chantilly
Elizabeth Thurlbourn, waitress, 26, b Mepal
Sophie Willmott, kitchen maid, 19, b Orwell
William Mackness, boots, 32, b Finedon Northampton


In 1885 the building was demolished.



(16-17) Livingstone Commercial Temperance Hotel, Dining Rooms and Restaurant

Edward J Culyer, proprietor

19/10/1929: With the passing of Mrs Eliza Jane Mason of the Livingstone Hotel, Petty Cury, Cambridge has lost a prominent member of the restaurant business. She commenced business with a university lodging house on Market Hill which became known as ‘Masons’ and was converted into a restaurant. It was largely used by cadets and catered for the officers stationed here during the Great War. Almost the first Belgian wounded soldiers were billeted there and she acted as a sort of nursing mother to them. Her next move was to Sadd’s before she bought the Livingstone Hotel which was then only a coffee house. It is now one of the best commercial hotels in Cambridge. She also built the Rendezvous, Magrath Avenue as a skating rink in 1909. (Cam.News)


Kum Loong restaurant


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