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4 Quayside / Union Tavern / Cock and Pie / Old Cock and Magpie

History of 4 Quayside

Half Moon and Quayside

Plot 4 on map. For further information see T E Faber, An Intimate History of St Clement’s Parish,’ 2006.

1623-52: John Pratt for Cock and Pye in 1646

1653-71: Robert Gunnell

1672-83: William Paine for Cock and Pie

1677: Nicholas Tabor I bequeathes Cock and Pye ‘wherin lyeth Payne’

1697: Nicholas Tabor II mortgages Cock and Pye

1740: Henry Markham

1742: James Gosling replaces Elizabeth Markham

1744-97: Henry. later Thomas Markham, for Cock and Pie

1798-1809: not listed (see Cock and Magpie)

1810-16: Henry later Thomas Markham for Old Cock and Pie

1817-19: listed as Union

1820-54: listed continuously as Union Tavern

1855-56: not listed


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