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Charles Darwin

63 Sidney Street

History of 63 Sidney Street

c. 1828:

The premises of William Bacon, tobacconist where Charles Darwin lodged as an undergraduate at Christ’s College

‘Darwin in Cambridge’ (John van Wyhe 2009) quotes from the Christ’s College Magazine of Easter Term 1911:

Mr Thomas Hunnybun was born in the year 1830 in the house on the opposite side of the street to the present No.63 [his father was Thomas Hunnybun, coachmaker] … Mr Hunnybun remembers that the house now occupied by Messrs Rutter and Son was once tenanted by by Bacon the tobacconist and that the latter used to let lodgings to University undergraduates, generally to Christ’s men. Mr Hunnybun says that he well remembers his father going on several occasions to call on the Master of Christ’s College to complain of the behaviour of the undergraduates at bacon’s …. the sporting young gentlemen over Bacon’s were in the habit of leaning out of the windows and with tandem whips flicking the passers by.


1851-1887: home of the Cambridge Literary Society until dissolution of the society.


1930s: demolished


1962: not listed


circa 2005: Messrs Rutter and Sons



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