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Gonville and Caius College

History of Gonville & Caius College

General information about Gonville and Caius College can be found on Wikipedia.


Ernest Stewart Roberts, college tutor, 43, b Lincs,

Mary, 41, b Oxon

Caroline M S , 3, Oxon,

Walter S, 1, b Oxon,

Margaret S, 5 mos, b Ireland

Mary Ann J Lee, 29, housemaid, b Germany

Maria Weis, 38, nurse, b Berks

Mary Annie Illsley, 17, nurse, b Berks

William Beckley, 47, head porter, b Herts

Alice Beckley, 40, b Herts

Job Bendall, 35, under butler, b Cambridge

Albert Beckley, 16, b Hants

Richard Briggs, 26, under porter, b Histon

Samuel G Humphrey, 37, under porter, b Essex

Mary Ann Humphrey, 37, b Oakington

Samuel T Humphrey, 10, b Cambridge

Mary Ann Humphrey, 7, b Cambridge

Alice Maud Humphrey, 6 mos, b Cambridge

Arthur Tilbrook Humphrey, 2, b Cambridge

Arthur Sheridan Lea, fellow, 37, assistant tutor, b New York

William T Lendrum, fellow, 35, lecturer, b Ireland

Ralph F Darcy, 26, graduate student, b Ireland




Edward Davis, 48, naval pensioner, Royal Hut Reserve, College Head Porter, b Middlesex

Ellen Jane, 45, b Middlesex


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