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Caius College and Senate House

Gonville and Caius College

History of Gonville & Caius College

Oak bracket made in 1918 by Samuel Cowle of the Museum of Archaology, Cambridge from a beam of the 1414 roof of the hall of Caius College, from Mr N Tuelon Porter (MoC)

General information about Gonville and Caius College can be found on Wikipedia.

Pre 1868 photo of Gonville and Caius college site on Trinity Street corner (MoC5/53/49)


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Trinity Street (MoC19/53/49) prior to modern Caius building

Caius College and Senate House c1904


Ernest Stewart Roberts, college tutor, 43, b Lincs,

Mary, 41, b Oxon

Caroline M S , 3, Oxon,

Walter S, 1, b Oxon,

Margaret S, 5 mos, b Ireland

Mary Ann J Lee, 29, housemaid, b Germany

Maria Weis, 38, nurse, b Berks

Mary Annie Illsley, 17, nurse, b Berks

William Beckley, 47, head porter, b Herts

Alice Beckley, 40, b Herts

Job Bendall, 35, under butler, b Cambridge

Albert Beckley, 16, b Hants

Richard Briggs, 26, under porter, b Histon

Samuel G Humphrey, 37, under porter, b Essex

Mary Ann Humphrey, 37, b Oakington

Samuel T Humphrey, 10, b Cambridge

Mary Ann Humphrey, 7, b Cambridge

Alice Maud Humphrey, 6 mos, b Cambridge

Arthur Tilbrook Humphrey, 2, b Cambridge

Arthur Sheridan Lea, fellow, 37, assistant tutor, b New York

William T Lendrum, fellow, 35, lecturer, b Ireland

Ralph F Darcy, 26, graduate student, b Ireland

Caius College and Senate House c1903



During the period 1903-5 Harold Delph Gillies was a student at Caius. His work during WWI has led to him being widely considered the father of modern plastic surgery. Harold Gillies Close (CB5 8ZD) is named in his honour.


Gonville and Caius, c.1904

Gonville and Caius, c.1904

Rather cryptic postcard sent to be forwarded back by the Master of Gonville and Caius:

20/12/04 135 Devonshire Road, Forest Hill, Kent

Dear Sir, May I ask you to kindly return this card to the above and fill in the lines as ever as I want this for my postal collection. thanking you in anticipation. Yours faithfully W Reginald May

Gonville and Caius Vollege, Senate House c1917


Edward Davis, 48, naval pensioner, Royal Hut Reserve, College Head Porter, b Middlesex

Ellen Jane, 45, b Middlesex

Caius College building scheme 1934 (MoC522/55)


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