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At the Pike and Eel after the Race

110 Water Street, Pike and Eel Public House

History of 110 Water Street

1869: Robert Cook

1879: Robert Cook

1883: Robert Cook


1891: Pike and Eel

Henry Brown, 36, club college servant,

Emily, 38,

Florence Emily, 15

Alfred Henry John, 14,  b Cambridge

Alice Amelia,12,  b Cambridge

William James, 9,  b Cambridge

Frances Emily Wright, niece, 9, b Cambridge

Sarah Girling, lodger, 63, cook, b Cheltenham


1892: Harry Brown

1896: Henry Brown

1904: Henry Brown


1911: Pike and Eel

Henry Brown, 56, publican, b Cambridge

Emily Brown, 58, b Cambridge

Florence Brown, daughter, 35, b Cambridge


1913: Henry Brown

1916: Henry Brown

Pike and Eel ferry

Pike and Eel public house c.1905 (Cambridgeshire Collection)

Pike and Eel, date unknown

Pike and Eeel Ferry in 1928 (Cambridgeshire Collection)

Pike and Eel ferries 1928 (Cambs. Collection)

Queen Mother visits the Pike and Eel

Queen Mother visits the Pike and Eel

The Bumps Fair was held every June in a field off Fen Road nearby.

Bumps Fair c.1925 (Cambs Collection)

Bumps Fair c.1925 (Cambs Collection)

‘Three Abreast Gallopers’ built by Savages of King’s Lynn and bought by Henry Thurston in 1901; Bumps Fair c.1925 (Cambs Collection)

Dreadnought traction engine bought in 1909 to drive Three Abreast Gallopers. Photo is circa 1925. (Cambs Collection)

The Pike and Eel, lately known as the Penny Ferry, closed in in 2008 and was demolished in 2014.


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