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111 Hills Road, 7 College Terrace

History of 111 Hills Road


Solomon Marcus Schiller-Szinessy, linguist, born Budapest

Sara Georgina Eleanor

Alfred Solomon, 7

Eleanor Amalia, 4

Henrietta Georgina, 2

Solomon Schiller (1820-1890) was a Hungarian rabbi and academic who became the first Jewish reader in Talmudic and Rabbinic Literature at the University of Cambridge. He was the first Jew at either Oxford or Cambridge to be placed on the Electoral Roll. He married Georgiana Eleanor Herbert who converted to Judaism and took the name Sarah. Their eldest child, Alfred Solomon (born 1863) started as an academic but disappeared and probably died during WWI as a war correspondent.


Solomon M Schiller-Szinessy, 60, Doctor in Philosophy and reader in Talmud Lit University of Cambridge, born Hungary

Sarah G

Alfred S, 17, born Cheshire

Eleanor A

Henrietta G

Sidney H


Sarah G E Schiller-Szinessy, widow

Eleanor A, teacher of languages

Henrietta G, teacher of languages

Sidney H


Sarah G E Szinessy, widow, 70, living on own means, born London

Eleanor A S, 34, governess, born Cambridge

Sidney H S, 24, student, born Cambridge


Florence Reed, 24, widow, private means, born Cheshire


Mrs Menault


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