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96, 98, 100 Hills Road, January 1975.Note milestone on Station roundabout. (MoC120/75)

96 Hills Road, Portbury House (37)

History of 96 Hills Road


Ann Parke, 58, property in houses, b Cambs

Caroline Groote, daughter, b Herts

William E Groote, 39, son in law, born Prussia, carriage build manager

May Lacker, niece sister, 20, b Cambs

Elizabeth Thurbon, 19, b Cambridge, servant


William Lyon, chemist, 48, b Cambridge

Mary Newby, mother in law, widow, 76, b Harlton

Jane Setchier, housekeeper, 23, b Cambs

(By 1902 William Lyon was trading at 229 Mill Road)


(37 Hills Road)

Herbert Thoday, builder, b Cambridge

Nora C, b Cambridge

Sarah E, sister, 23, b Cambridge

Julia A Osborn, cousin, 25, b Willingham

Edwin S Thoday, cousin, 21, corn merchant, b Willingham

Emily Garner, 19, housemaid,  b Willingham

Emily Williams, 14, nurse, b Swavesey


Herbert Thoday, 36, builders contractor and brickman, b Cambridge

Elizabeth, 34, b Warwicks

Nora C, 11, b Cambridge

Francis H A, 7, b Cambridge

Emily J White, 21, housemaid, b Cambs

Mary E White, 20, cook, b Cambs


Sidney French, 36, architect and surveyor, b Cambridge

Minnie Ann, 33, b Cambridge

Gladys M, 6, b Cambridge

Gerald S, 3, b Cambridge

Mary E Candell, servant, 24, b Cottenham

Alice Paddick, 18, servant, b Ramsey


Alban Charles Harold Young, 37, secretary insurance company, b Bristol

Elsie, 31, b Bristol

Maude Claxton, servant, born Norfolk


Alban Charles Harold Young

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