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29 Station Road, 1 Salisbury Villas

History of 29 Station Road


(1 Salisbury Villas)

John S Winbolt [Hinbolt?], 50, civil engineer, born Middlesex

Christiana, 49, born Kennington

Annie P Barton, servant, 36, cook, born Beds

Susan Good [Cook?], servant, 35, housemaid, born Cambs


Barnabas Gibson, 76, retired Governor of Prison, born Leeds

Mary A Matthews, cook, born Comberton

Esther Ison, housemaid, born Cambs


Robert Farren, 79, widower, oil and water colour painter, born Cambridge

Mary Farren, 55, daughter, single, oil and water colour painter, born Cambridge

Anne Coe, 53, married, artist painter, born Cambridge

Nellie Coe, granddaughter, 24, born Cambridge

Jessie Farren, 52, daughter, artist painter, born Cambridge

Alexander Farren, son, artist, born Cambridge

Emma Grace farren, son’s wife, 40, born Cambridge

Daphne Farren, granddaughter, 7, born Cambridge

Ivy Elizabeth Brown, servant, 15, born Cambridge

Robert Farren (1832-1912) was born in Willow Walk, Newmarket Road and worked as a heraldic artist and in the Geological Museum mounting specimens and labelling cases. He published engravings of local scenery. His brother William Farren was a photographer and the two brothers joined together and created Farren Brothers in 1869. they split in 1870 and William Farren continued the photography business.


Mrs Griffiths


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