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One of Rick's first radical mugs

Rick’s Radical Mugs

Rick's Radical Mugs Exhibition May 2017

Rick Leggatt moved into the Kite area in 1976 and has lived there ever since. In 1984 he was actively involved with the local Labour Party and was helping to support the striking coal miners. Cambridge was twinned with two Northamptonshire mining towns: Blidworth and Rainworth. Rick and other support group members collected money to buy food for the miners and their families. Later, he and others offered their homes to miners’ families so they could have a holiday away from the stress and strains back at home.

The family who stayed with Rick gave him some of their strike memorabilia, including a mug with a Notts Miner’s Logo. It was the beginning of a life-long collection, some might say addiction. Rick now has over 500 Radical Mugs and you can hear him talking about them in this video which was taken in May 2017 at the launch of the Rick’s Radical Mugs exhibition at the Museum of Cambridge.

This exhibition is now finished.

Rick Leggatt at launch of Radical Mugs exhibition


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