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R Maynard Engineer Whittlesford (MoC)

Whittlesford Data

Whittlesford data

Electricity cables being erected 1926 between Little Shelford and Whittlesford (photo J H Bullock)(Cambridgeshire Collection)

Guildhall Corner, Whittlesford (MoC376/54) c.1910

Mike Petty’s Scrapbook

Numerous residents of Whittlesford from about the years 1858 to 1862 are mentioned in the diary of William Farrington. He was living in Whittlesford in 1858 but by 1861 had married and moved to Duxford.

The precise locations of the homes of many of those mentioned in the censuses are currently unknown.

1861 census Whittlesford:

Ann Sheldrick, 90, widow, grocer, b Whittlesford

James, 30, plumber painter glazier, b Whittlesford

Thomason, daughter in law, 24, b Great Shelford

Harriett, 4, granddaughter

Edward, 2, grandson

Ann, 1 m, granddaughter

Lois Ann Pilgrim, 10, granddaughter

Thomas Thurnall, 43, boarder, gentleman.

1861 census Whittlesford

Richard Sheldrick, 57, carpenter, b Whittlesford

Phoebe, 59, b Abraham

1861 census Whittlesford

Robert Maynard, 53, mechanic engineer and farmer occupying 100 acres employing 26 men and 4 boys, b Whittlesford

Jane, 54, b Herts

Anne, 23, b Whittlesford

Emma, 20, b Whittlesford

Helen, 18, b Whittlesford

Robert, 16, engineer, b Whittlesford.

Walter Maynard, the eldest son, b 1835,  is known to have emigrated to Australia in 1857: Victoria Passenger Lists 1839 – notes for 1857: Walter Maynard, 22, engineer. Departure Gravesend, arrival 20.8.1857 Port Phillip Bay.

1861 census Whittlesford:

John Pamphilon, 52, carpenter, b Whittlesford

Ann, 50, b Whittlesford

John, 20, carpenter, b Whittlesford

James, 17, carpenter, b Whittlesford

Ned, 16, carpenter, b Whittlesford

Mary Ann, 14, b Whittlesford, deaf and dumb

Ann, 9, b Whittlesford

Rebecca, mother, widow, 84, parish pauper, b Harston.

1861 census Whittlesford

George Barker, 66, farmer occupying 220 acres, b Great Shelford

Mary, 50, b Essex; George, 20, b Whittlesford

Emma, 21, b Whittlesford

William, 18, b Whittlesford

Frederic, 16, b Whittlesford

Joseph, 12, b Whittlesford

Lois Anna Smith, daughter, married, 24, b Whittlesford

Thomas Smith, son in law, 32, farmer, occupying 32 acres, b Burwell.

1861 census Whittlesford

Charlotte Thurnall, 40, dressmaker, b Whittlesford

Charles Henry, lodger, 23, blacksmith, b Orwell

Martha Henry, lodger, 20, b Ashwell.

1861 census Whittlesford: possibly, Allen White, 49, brewer and baker, b Essex – despite the occupation, this seem to be the only White family in Whittlesford around this time

1861 census Whittlesford

John Headly, 63, farmer occupying 650 acres, b Stapleford

Catharine, 45, b Study Camps

Henry, son, 23, b Stapleford

Mary Godolphin Osborne, daughter, married, 21, b Stapleford

William Godolphin Osborne, grandson, 3 mos, b Whittlesford

William Godolphin Osborne, son in law, 25, gentleman, b Herts

Mary Andrews, 52, cook, b Essex

Emily Flack, 14, servant, b Cambridge.

1861 Whittlesford

Joseph Peters, 41, ag lab, b Whittlesford

Anne, 39

Alfred, 18

William, 12

Jane, 10

Obediah, 9

Solomon, 7

1861 Whittlesford

Georgiana Farnes daughter, 20, b Middlesex

John, 19, 3rd officer merchant navy, b Middlesex

Kate, 15, b Middlesex

Isaac, 12, b Middlesex

Horatio, 7, b Essex

Mary Ann Belton, visitor, 25, b London

Ada Littlechild, 14, servant, b Whittlesford


Stephen Lofts, 78, parish pauper, b Duxford

Mary, 56, b Melbourn


Charles Nunn, 38, pauper, b Whittlesford

Mary A, 40, b Cambridge

Jesper W, 17, ag lab, b Whittlesford

Abraham, 11, ag lab, b Whittlesford

Reuben, 8, ag lab, b Whittlesford

Margaret, 6, b Whittlesford

Jamar, 4, b Whittlesford

Aaron, 2, b Whittlesford

1861 census: Whittlesford

Richard C Runham, 50, shoemaker, b Whittlesford

Elizabeth, 47, b Pampisford

John, 20, employee at paper mills, b Whittlesford

James, 16, ag. lab., b Whittlesford

Daniel, 14, ag. lab., b Whittlesford

Mary C, 11, b Whittlesford

1861 census: Whittlesford

John Arnold, 57, farmer 84 acres employing 4 men and 1 boy, b Thriplow

Mary A Andrew, sister in law, 60, b Essex

John A, 24, b Whittlesford

Jeremiah E, 17, b Whittlesford

Benjamin, 15, b Whittlesford

Ann, 11, b Whittlesford

Joseph A, 9, b Whittlesford

Sarah Law, 16, servant, b Fowlmere

1861 Whittlesford

Thomas Creek, 58, farm bailiff, b Whittlesford

Ann, 42, b Whittlesford

Thomas, 9, b Whittlesford

Alice, 5, b Whittlesford

Nathan, 20, son in law, gardener, b Whittlesford



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