Capturing Cambridge
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11 Station Road (3 Arundel Villas)

History of 11 Station Road


(3 Arundel Villas)

Henry Baker, 66,  retired merchant, born Essex

Susan, 69, born Herts

Mary E Feast, boarder, 40, assistant housekeeper, born Herts

Mary A Shelford, 18, servant, born Essex


(3 Arundel Villas)

Alfred C Mansfield, 31, draper, born Cambridge

Alice E, 29, born Cambridge

Harold Y, 2,  born Cambridge

Gertrude O, 1m, born Cambridge

Lilla Poulter, servant, 19, born Shelford

Violet Wisbey, servant, 23, nursemaid, born Chesterton

Eliza Haslop, 60, sick nurse, born Essex


Frank Sussum

Margaret M Farthing, servant, 25, born Fordham


Frank Sussum, widower, retired chemist & druggist


Frank Sussum

Frank Sussum d. 1927 Mary Ann Elizabeth Sussum d. 1898; buried in Mill Road Cemetery.


Mrs Steed


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