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Thomas Rawson Birks

19 Station Road, 6 Salisbury Villas

History fo 19 Station Road


(6 Salisbury Villas)

Thomas R Birks, 70, clergyman of Church of England without cure of souls Professor of Moral Philosophy author of Theology and Science, born Derby

Georgiana A, 52, born Nova Scotia

Emily G, 27, born Herts

Herbert A, 25, clergyman C of E without cure of souls, born Herts

Elizabeth Morris, servant, 56, cook, born Cambs

Isabella A Deacon, servant, 36, parlourmaid, born Suffolk

Sarah E Bird, servant, 25, housemaid, born Trumpington

Harriett Tuck, 27, servant, sick nurse, born Norfolk

Thomas Rawson Birks (1810-1883) was an English theologian and controversialist who figured in the debate to to try to resolve theology and science. In 1866 he was appointed vicar of Holy Trinity Cambridge and on 17th May of that year married his second wife, Georgina Agnes Beresford, widow of Major James Douglas. In 1872 he was elected Knightbridge Professor of Philosophy. In 1875 he suffered from a paralytic seizure and in 1877 a stroke. He carried on dictating but after a third stroke in 1880 returned to Cambridge an invalid until he died.

See Mill Road Cemetery entry


(6 Salisbury Villas)

Charles A Vinter, 48, university robemaker

CH S Vinter, son, 24, medical student

Ernest, 22, articled clerk

Percival J, 19, university student

Mary E Butcher, servant, 26, housemaid, born Suffolk

Dinah Mynatt, servant, 17, born Cambs

According to the web site of the Wesleyan Methodist Church in Cambridge, Charles Vinter the robe-maker came to Cambridge in 1828 and was a Class Leader and local preacher at Green Street, ministering to undergraduates.


Frederick Watson, 56, clergyman Church of England, born York

Margaret L, 45, born London

Margaret, 21, born Norfolk

Frederick, 20, born Norfolk

Arthur L, 17, born Norfolk

Ethel M, 14, born Norfolk

Dorothy, 13, born Cambridge

Basil L, 11, born Quy

Grace H, 10, born Quy

John D, 3, born Cambridge

Sarah E Wolf, servant, 50, cook, born Milton

Emma Davy, servant, 30, nurse, born Hadstock

Eliza Marshall, servant, 25, housemaid, born Suffolk

Lavina Hayhow, servant, cook, born Cambridge

Rev F Watson was appointed in 1893 to the living of St Edward’s. Worth £64, it was in the gift of Trinity Hall. Rev Watson was a fellow of St John’s and an hon. canon of Ely.


Geoffrey Earland Goodman, 36, solicitor, born St Ives

Blanche Evelyn, 32, born India

Marjorie Evelyn Mary, 6, born Cambridge

Jean Martha Cutter, servant, 23, cook, born Linton

Elizabeth May Broom, 18, parlourmaid, born Cambridge


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