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27 Station Road, 2 Salisbury Villas

History of 27 Station Road


Walter Skeat


Clara, 17, born Surrey

Ethel G, 15, born Cambridge

Margaret F, 12, born Cambridge

Arthur V, 9, born Cambridge

Sarah Moule, servant, 27, cook, born Swavesey

Elizabeth M Benson, 27, housemaid, born Hinxton

Rosine V Cuenin, 36, nurse, born France


Walter W Skeat


Clara, student

Ruth Sadler, servant, 24, cook, born Coton

Ada Heeks, servant, 22, housemaid, born Burwell

Kate Riseley, servant, 23, sewingmaid, born Lincs


Walter W Skeat, clergyman Church of England, professor of Anglo-Saxon, born London

Bertha C, 60, born London

Clara L, 37, science teacher, born Surrey,

Walter W, 34, born Cambridge

Eliza Nunn, servant, cook, 25, born Norfolk

Sarah Edwards, servant, housemaid, 31, born Coton

Emily Sinnitt, servant, sewing maid, 23, born Cambs


Rev. W W Skeat [absent]

Joel [Jael] [f] Mascall, 27, servant cook, born Old Chesterton

Sarah Ann Edwards, 41, servant, parlourmaid, born Coton

Mary Louisa Clarke, servant, 30, sewing maid, born Cambridge

Walter William Skeat (1835-1912) was the pre-eminent English philologist of his time and was instrumental in developing English as a higher education subject in the UK. He was a fellow of Christ’s College Cambridge. He wrote standard editions of Chaucer and Langland’s Piers Plowman. he is buried with his wife in the Parish of the Ascension Burial Ground in Cambridge.

Their son was the anthropologist Walter William Skeat and grandchildren include the palaeographer T C Skeat and stained glass painter Francis Skeat.


Mrs [Bertha Clara] Skeat [1840-1924]


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