Capturing Cambridge
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High Street, Long Stanton

History of houses in High Street, Longstanton


Henry Abbs, 28, ag. lab., b Long Stanton


James Parkinson, 55, shoe maker, b Long Stanton


Henry Pratt, 37, ag.lab., Cherry Hinton


John Day, 54, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Susan Thurlborn, 73, b Long Stanton


Edward Cross, 77, ag.lab., b Long Stanton

Elizabeth Cross, 77, b Long Stanton

Bet Cross is described in Enid Porter‘s book Cambridgeshire Customs and Folklore, p.172:

The following story about Bet Cross, the village witch of the late nineteenth century, was told [to Martin Hooton of Cambridge] shortly after the First World War by a Longstanton woman who, as a young girl, used to run errands for Bet.

They do say as ‘ow she was a witch, but I never saw nothing. She used to come out and say to the carters, ‘It’s no use you beatin’ them ‘orses, because they can’t go on till I let’s ’em.’ And the carters they’d go right round the other way rather than pass ‘er cottage. Then there was that business about young ………… He was walking down the lane by the church one Sunday afternoon, and there he saw Bet Cross ridin’ on a hardle. [hurdle, temporary fencing] I don’t rightly know which way up the hardle was, but there she was, and young ………. he said to her: ‘Ah, Bet Cross. I see ye. I’ll tell on ye. Yer a-riding on a hardle.’ And Bet Cross she give ‘im a queer queer look and she says: ‘Young man.’ she says, ‘you can tell on it when you think on it.’ And the funny thing was that it went right out of ‘is ‘ead, and ‘e never did tell on it till ‘e ‘eard the bell goin’ out for ‘er death, and that wasn’t for years. And when he ‘eard the bell ‘e said: ‘Why, if that isn’t for old Bet Cross that I me ridin’ on a hardle. Funny thing, I never thought to tell on it till now.’

The story apparently gave rise to a proverb in Longstanton: ‘You can tell on it when you think on it, and you know when that’ll be.’


Sarah Pettit, 75, b Long Stanton


Joseph Day, 32, b Long Stanton


Hodson Bell, 50, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Rament Childs, 41, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Henry Willson, 34, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


William Pratt, 50, ag,lab., b Long Stanton


Richard Crisp, 35, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Thomas Rust, 80, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Lucy  Whithead, 60, b Swavesey


Richard Crisp, 55, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


John Hawks, 50, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


John Bell, 36, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Anne Rignell, 49, laundress, b Hardwick


James Carlow, 40, sergeant of police, b Middlesex


Reason Day, 59, ag.lab., b Fen Drayton


James Rogers, 29, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Elizabeth Bird, 55, shopkeeper, b Cottenham




William Curtis, 66, farm labourer, b Long Stanton


Lucy Whithead, 70, b Swavesey


Henry Pratt, 47, farm labourer, b Cherry Hinton


John Hawkes, 60, carpenter, b Long Stanton


John Bell, 44, farm labourer, b Long Stanton


Sarah Rignel, 52, laundress, b Hardwick


Henry Wilderspin, 36, sergeant of police, b Cambridge


William Smith, 63, farm labourer, b Long Stanton


John Ram Childs, 51, labourer, b Long Stanton



In the 1891 census there is a long list of those houses on the High Street south of the Black Bull.


John R Childs, 60, farm labourer, b Long Stanton


William Day, 45, farm labourer, b Long Stanton


Charles Sampson, 47, police sergeant, b Barnes Cambs


William Hawkes, 48, platelayer, b Long Stanton


John Bell, 52, ag.lab., b Long Stanton


Sarah Hawkes, 41, b Long Stanton


Jesse Pratt, 30, shepherd, b Long Stanton


Edward Ch