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138 Sturton Street

A Stone Mason and a Milkman


Octavius Osborne, head, married, 33, guard G E Railway, b. Stetchworth, Cambridgeshire
Eliza Osborne, wife, married, 33, b. Risby, Suffolk


Frederick Ivett, 27, Stone Mason, b. Fen Drayton, Cambs

Harriet Henrietta Ivett, 25, b. Horseheath, Cambs

Samuel Witherow, 19, Lodger, Stone Mason, b. St Ives, Huntingdonshire

Joel Parcell, 19, Lodger, Carpenter, b. Orwell, Cambs

Frederick set up a well known business called IVETT AND READ which was located at 45 Mill Road closeby the gates to the Mill Road Cemetery and Frederick and Harriet are buried in Mill Road Cemetery.  The stone masons called IVETT AND READ then relocated with a Head Office at 615 Newmarket Road, and is still there in business today!


Thomas Cracknel, 40, milk deliverer, b. West Wratting

Sarah Cracknel, 39, b. Swavesey

Thomas L Cracknel, 16, print compositor apprentice, b. Cambridge

Agnes S Cracknel, 13, (her job is illegible on the census), b. Cambridge

Alice M Cracknel, 11, b. Cambridge

Emma L Cracknel, 9, b. Cambridge

Nellie H Cracknel, 5, b. Cambridge


Thomas Cracknell, head, 51, married, scaffolder, b. West Wratten [Wratting?], Cambridgeshire
Sarah Cracknell, wife, 49, married, b. Swavesey, Cambridgeshire
Alice Maud Cracknell, daughter, 21, waitress for cafe, b. Swavesey, Cambridgeshire
Nellie Katheen Cracknell, daughter, 15, bookbinder, b. Swavesey, Cambridgeshire
Henry James Cracknell, son, 8, b. Swavesey, Cambridgeshire
Married 27 years, 6 children

Source – 1881, 1891, 1901, 1911 UK Census, Mill Road Cemetery,


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