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30 Bridge Street / The Peacock

History of 30 Bridge Street

1959 Royal Commission on Historical Monuments Survey of Cambridge: built in the first half of the 18th cent. The ground and first floors have been altered. The street-front, of brickwork faced with stucco, has a shop-window of c. 1900 occupying the whole of the ground floor and a large window of c. 1840 on the first floor.

c.1355: the property was given to St John’s hospital

1356 John of St Neots 13s paid to St John’s hospital

1365/7 John Brynne 16s

1371 John of St Neots 16s

1490/91 John Shomaker 20s

1526/7 18s paid to St John’s by John Odylyng

1627-38 Nicholas Twelves pays rent to St John’s

1649 St John’s grant lease of no.30 to John Hills (lease of no. 29 granted to John Hills in 1652)

1653-55 Gery Tabor

1659-75 William Griggs for Peacock in 1672-74

1666 John Hills has by now transferred leases to son-in-law Nicholas Tabor I

1668 leases on both properties renewed

Both properties were in use as inns in the 17th cent. Occupied by two brothers, Moses and William Griggs. Moses married in St Peter’s in 1648, his second wife in St Clement’s in 1678, buried in Clement’s 1687. William married in St Peter’s in 1652 but had three children christened at St Clement’s.

1677 Nicholas I died and his will mentions two houses which must be nos. 29 and 30, namely, ‘the Crowe wherin lyeth Moses Griggs and the Peacock wherein lyeth …. Griggs.’

1683 Nicholas II renews leases. [likely that confusion in identities of properties happened]

1700 lease granted by Corpus to Edmund Glenister of Royston with Andrew Riches as occupant at no.30

1752 Peacock not listed


John Potter, 30, brewer, b Chesterton

1874 when colleges had to declare the property in Cambridge they owned, Corpus declared no. 30 and St John’s declared no. 29. However, there was clearly some confusion between the colleges as to the identity of the properties concerned!

1878 Corpus sold property


J & H Armstead, clothiers and outfitters


Mrs Gibson

Bombay Restaurant (A Hashim)

30 Bridge Street c1960s (MoC432/74)


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