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Varsity Types: C.U.R.V. member

Cambridge University Rifle Volunteers

History of the C.U.R.V.

On 5 March 1860,  the Vice Chancellor administered the oath of allegiance to the 3rd Cambridgeshire (Cambridge University) Rifle Volunteer Corps on the lawn of King’s College. The Prince of Wales, who was appointed as the honorary colonel of the corps on 8 March 1861, provided £50 to meet the expense of a new rifle range, and shooting became a prominent social activity of the cadets, and a source of inter-university competition with Oxford from 1868 onwards.

This information is extracted from the following history by Edward M Spiers of officer training corps and the lead to WWI:

Cambridge University Rifle Volunteers c.1859. King’s College. Founded in 1859.


Prize winners of the Sixth Cambridgeshire Volunteer Rifle Corps

1 Weatherhead

2 Bugler Jocelyn

3 Legge

4 Pashler

5 Bull

6 Wilkerson

7 Taylor

8 Hills

9 Adams

10 Marsh

11 Captain Calthorpe

12 H Kempton

Sixth Cambridgeshire Volunteer Rifle Corps 1876 (MoC2/218/64)

1 C Homes

2 M Woodroffe

3 G Toombs

4 W Crawley

5 W Carter

6 F T Cross

7 W Homes

Cambridge Volunteers – Drum Major Greef c.1875, Downing College Cambridge (MoC)

2nd Battalion Suffolk Regiment, Aldershot 1888 (MoC)


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