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Victory Day November 1918 by H A Moden

King’s Parade

History of King's Parade

King’s Parade

King’s Parade


Part of Trumpington Street was renamed King’s Parade.


Some houses on King’s Parade in from of King’s College were demolished; two others facing Bene’t Street were removed in 1870.

The Antecedents of King’s Parade from Leaflets of Local Lore by Urbs Camboritum (Cambs Collection)

Urbs Camboritum, King’s Parade

Coach incident King’s Parade 1839

Early 19th cent. painting of west side of King’s Parade. Painter was 9 year old John Marshall. The buildings along here were later completely demolished.

KIng’s Parade by R B Harraden 1834

King’s Parade, (Cambridgeshire Collection)

King’s Parade circa 1840

King’s Parade 1860 (Cambridgeshire Collection)

King’s Parade, Edward VII coronation, 1902 (MoC54/65)

King’s Parade c.1912

King’s Parade c.1917

1918 Cambridge Daily News 11.11.1918

Scenes in the Streets

“Cambridge Magazine” Offices Raided

Undergraduate Rejoicings

More “undergrads” arrived and enticed the roof dwellers to descend. Cadets joined in. Suddenly an idea struck one of them. “The Cambridge Magazine,” he shouted.”To the shop!” “Yah, ” said the crowd, and rushed though into King’s Parade. At The “Cambridge Magazine’s” shop the door was shut. All was peace and quiet. After a moment’s hesitation the ringleaders of the mob charged at the door and burst their way inside, followed by the mob. Alas for the peace and quiet! Tables were overturned, books thrown about with terrific force. Smash went a window, the signal for a general onslaught. Smash went more windows. Books flew through the windows onto the road. The crowd inside danced with joy; the crowd inside destroyed everything with grim enthusiasm. All was excitement.


King’s Parade, January 1928

Heavy railings were removed in 1927 and a new wall built in 1928. Messrs Coulson and Rattee and Kett were the builders and the new iron railings between King’s and the Senate House were made by George Lister and Sons. (Vanishing Cambridge, Mike Petty)

King’s Parade circa 1950

2022 painting by Hannah Davies

Kings Reflected (©2022 Hannah Davies) – a reflection in a window on Kings Parade



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