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10 Petty Cury and entrance to Alexandra Street (MoC126/72)

10 Petty Cury

History of 10 Petty Cury


Thomas King, 20, stationer

Mary, 25

Susan Rutty, 14, servant


Petty Cury in the 1840s offered Cambridge residents a mix of shops and Inns.

On Monday July 28th 1845 Josiah Charter wrote in his diary
“in the evening I went to Kings in the Cury & bought 2 sheets of drawing paper at 3d each “
The shop he visited was that of Thomas King, bookseller, stationer, news agent and circulating library at No 10 Petty Cury. Thomas King is recorded in the 1841 Census as living there, aged 20 with his wife Mary, 25, & one servant. It is sad to see that by the 1851 Census Mary is a widow with 3 young children (9, 7 & 2) but still running the stationers and with 2 servants.

Josiah Charter further records in his diary on 24 March 1846
“William (his brother) came round to me & brought me a book to read on the Choice of a Wife by a Deacon which is a capital thing & I have ordered one at Kings at least John [? Moden] ordered it for me “

For a list In Kelly’s of the businesses occupying Petty Cury in 1847 see the general entry on Petty Cury.



Mary King, widow, 36, bookseller, b Cambridge

John W, 9, b Cambridge

Ann E, 7, b Cambridge

Thomas, 2, b Cambridge

Louisa Dockrill, 16, servant, b Gt Shelford

Ellen Bradford, 16, servant, b Fulbourn


William H Pettit, 24, bookseller employing 2 boys, b Hunts


Euphrates W Hardwicke, Medical Botanist member of the British Medical Reform Association

Annie, 36, b Notts

Annie J

Edwin Webster

Bertie W, 6, b Cambridge

Constance W


Harriet E Beard, 26, servant, b Cambridge

Sarah Payne, 21, nursemaid, b Over

Charles Payne, 15, page boy, b Over


Euphrates Hardwick, widower, member of association of herbalists

Annie J

Edwin W, 20, scholar, b Cambridge

Mary B, 18, b Cambridge

Aldridge B, 14, b Cambridge

Constance, 12, b Cambridge

Edith A, 10, b Cambridge

Harriet Camps,17, servant, b Essex


Euphrates W Hardwicke, widower, 58, herbalist, b Notts

Annie Jane, 31, sick nurse, b Notts

Connie Jane, 23, b Cambridge

Edith Annie, 20, b Cambridge

Jane Bumpstead, 28, servant, b Cambridge


Harry W Sumpter, 38, athletic outfitter, b Cambridge

Annie, 37, b London

Cyril R, 11, b Cambridge

Winifred A, 5, b Cambridge

Muriel A, 1, b Cambridge


The Cambridge Athletic Stores and Sports Depot

H W Sumpter

George Albert Wootten, soilcitor


Hunt Dress Shops Ltd, costumiers


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