Capturing Cambridge
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20 (11)(9) Hills Road

History of 20 Hills Road



Thomas Chambers, Member of the Royal College of Surgeons not practicing


Sarah Chapman



Thomas Chambers, 59, fundholder, b Kent

Margaret, 63, b Bottisham

Sarah Chapman, 37, servant, b Cambs


(11 Hills Road)

John Green, 72, assistant curator of Fitzwilliam Museum, b Middlesex

Harriet, 60, b London

Eliza Wright, cousin, 56, funded property, b Middlesex

Eliza A Green, daughter, 30, artist, b London

Rachael E Ludman, servant, 14, b Trumpington


[not found]


Henrie Farnham, 24, dentist, b Islington

Minnie, 23, b Chesterton

Eliza, servant, 18, b Spalding


Thomas H Headdey, 79, widower, born Cambridge, pensioner Inland Revenue

Ellen P, 54, daughter, b Wales, living on own means

Clara M, 51, daughter, b Wales, living on own means

William W Headdey, brother, 81, widower, b Cambridge, pensioner Clare College


Douglas Edwards LDS dental surgeon

C Ewart Grant LDS dental surgeon


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