Capturing Cambridge
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21 (60) Hills Road, Globe Hotel/Inn, Emperor

History of 21 Hills Road


(60 Hills Road)

Thomas Knott, 58, corn and coal merchant and cow keeper employing a son and a man, born Ickleton

Jane, 61, attendant to dairy, born Shepreth

Richardson, 22, corn and coal porter and milkman, born Cambridge

Jeremiah Brock, visitor, 58, house painter, born Shepreth

Susan Thurlborn, servant, 16, servant, born Girton


(60 Hills Road – Beer Shop)

Richardson Knott, 32, publican and corn dealer, born Cambridge

Ellen Maria Turner, servant, 19, born London


(60 Hills Road)

Edward Gittus, 35, publican, born Suffolk


Albert E



Alice Lucock, 18, servant, born Wisbech


Hannah M Gittus, widow, 43, manageress Globe Inn, born Portsmouth

Albert E, 19, born Portsmouth

Flora B T, 13, born Portsmouth

Herbert J, 12, born Cambs

Percy L, 7, born Cambs

Fanny E, 4, born Cambs

Lydia Wright, 30, servant, born Saffron Walden


John Rogers, 51, licensed victualler, born Cambs

Martha, 48, born Kent

Frederick John Watson, visitor, 45, corn merchant, born Hunts

Hannah Watson, visitor, 35, born Chatteris

Rose Holdich, 19, servant, born Somersham


Henry Wingfield Willis, 29, licensed victualler, born Middlesex

Maud Mary, 28, born Essex

Roy Haworth Wingfield, 3 3/4, born Middlesex

Thomas Richard Dickinson, visitor, 31, commercial traveller, born York

Clara Isabella Gordon, visitor, 30, licensed victualler’s wife, born Essex


(21, The Globe)

George Wrapson

The Globe Ale House closed in 2010 but was reopened under the name The Emperor.


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