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Sidney Street / Petty Cury - 22 Petty Cury - 1930 by H S Johnson (Cambridgeshire Collection)

71 Sidney Street / 22 Petty Cury

History of 71 Sidney Street


William Lyon, 25, chemist

Louisa, 20

James Hudd, 17, apprentice

Susan Plumb, 20, servant

W Lyon, Petty Cury (MoC)


Henry Lyon, chemist master, 29, b Cambridge

Angelica, 28, b Kent

William Craswellen, assistant, 25, b Hants

John Dowaward, assistant, 21, b Lancs

Mary Rowlands, 24, servant.b Stapleford

1861: (22 Petty Cury)

John Yeomans, chemist and druggist employing 1 man and 1 boy

Sarah Levett, housekeeper,

Serocold C Skeels, 21, lodger, student of Emmanuel College, b Chatteris

Herbert Mather, 20, lodger, scholar b Walton

Arthur S Mather, 18, lodger, attorney’s articled clerk, b Walton

1871: (22 Petty Cury)

John Yeomans

Sarah Levett, servant

1881: (22 Petty Cury)

John Yeomans, chemist employing 3 men and 2 boys,

Sarah Levett, 45, housekeeper,

Arthur A Goodall, 22, chemist, b Yorks

1891: (22 Petty Cury)

John Yeomans, 53, chemist and dentist, b Leicestershire

Sarah Levett, 55, housekeeper, b Suffolk

John H Dressler, errand boy, 14, b Hildersham

1901: (22 Petty Cury)

Horace S Beale, 32, chemist druggist, b Cambridge

1913: (71 Sidney Street)

H S Beale (late Yeomans) chemist


Turner and Sons, Petty Cury in 1938 during redevelopment for the new Boots chemist store (photo J Johnson)

In 1930 work started on a new shopping development which focussed on the enlarged Boots the chemist.

Junction of Petty Cury and Sidney Street in 1938. Police Constable Jeffrey Saddington (Cambridgeshire Collection)

1939: (22 Petty Cury)

Turner and Sons, opticians

Miss Dora Papworth, ladies’ hairdressers


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