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Dry Drayton school

History of Dry Drayton school

Dry Drayton school, OS 1886

Information from ‘Gallows Piece to Bee Garden Millennium History of Dry Drayton’

1570 individual schoolmasters appear in diocesan records for the parish

1729 rector Henry Haslop left £40 to set up a school and the cost of one teacher

1738 cottage acquired as a school house

1764 Elizabeth Hetherington left further £140 for educational purposes

1778 two bequests were invested in the new South Sea Annuities

1818 18 children on school roll

1819 teacher Joseph Barton’s salary increased from £7 guineas per year to £18. Barton taught from 1810 to  1834.

1835 30 children on roll. Some parents made weekly payments of 2d or 3d. Also two dame schools in the village catering for 20 infants

1834 Benjamin Impey took over as teacher. His pay in 1836 was only £12 6s 3d.

1835 Benjamin Impey compiled a list of Maths questions for his pupils.

Dry Drayton school, OS 1886

1836 another private school set up for 14 children.

1849 Francis Rogers took over as teacher. In 1862 his salary was £45, well below the 1865 average in England and Wales for teachers of £86 10s.

After 1870 Education Act came in, rector at Dry Drayton came under pressure to appoint a qualified teacher and enlarged the buildings, the church would lose control of the school.

1875 Miss Mitchell, certified teacher appointed.

1876 new teacher Miss Reed appointed. Local farmers resented children having to attend school at times when they were needed to work in the fields. When Frances Mary Reed left at easter 1877 she wrote a moving valedictory poem.

1889 Mr and Mrs Hodges appointed as teacher an sewing mistress.

1891 One of the Hodges children died from flu and Mr Hodges died from quincey.

1897 headteacher John Ardley dismissed

1897 Miss Lewis appointed but she left in 1899. In November the first meeting of the Parish Council was held here.

1899-1915 Miss Parry Jones was teacher. She married the village post master, Frederick Walker in 1906.

1926 Mr E Lawton appointed. There was a dramatic increase in canings.

1929 Mrs Vincent Bruins appointed headteacher.

1940 Miss parsons

1946 Mrs Briggs

1948 Mrs Chambers

1956 Mrs Spurgin. She left a packed diary full of recollections of memorable school events.




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